Here Is A Quick Look Of LEO HEALTH And Activities

Leo Health

What Are Leo Health Weaknesses?

Weaknesses concerning Leo health can be linked to the heart, the aorta, the muscles, the upper part of the spine and the spleen. Leo tends to have a predisposition for diseases of the heart system, in particular too high blood pressure will afflict those who tend to gain weight over the years. Therefore a bad circulation, arrhythmia, and rheumatic pains could be a serious health issue for Leo.

What Could He Suffer From?

Also, Leo often suffers from back pain which he must guard himself against all kinds of wounds. Leo is predisposed to poisoning that may depend on the functioning of the spleen. Therefore Leo should monitor his diet carefully. Leo is strong but mustn’t push his health to the limit. The evolution of the disease, in general, is rapid but just as rapid is also the sudden healing due to his excellent fitness lifestyle. If Leo has tremendous physical energy and a high capacity to recover than he is not prone to chronic or prolonged diseases.

Preventing Diseases

Taking frequent breaks from sports will improve Leo’s overall health. Leo has to understand that taking his body fitness to the limit is not recommended. Talking to friends who have knowledge about sports regime, or even going to see a doctor for advice is a must to protect himself from getting hurt.

What To Avoid?

Leo must avoid stress and anxious states. Leo should also follow a controlled regime diet to balance his diet and have more regular sleep. The use of natural remedies will also help to regulate his rhythm of life. These will help to reduce heart problems. If Leo is an alcohol consumer, he must eliminate it. Also, Leo must not consume lots of tea or coffee, which again could affect his heart.

What to Look Out For?

The vital aspect of the typical Leo tends to be enthusiastic. The subject is led to overcome his energies and to exceed physical activity. This will result in a weakness of the organism and a relatively constant nervous tension. In most cases, Leo tends to underestimate the “stress” he undergoes.

A simple tachycardia can convince Leo that he is on the verge of the heart attack. An additional symptom that Leo should monitor is the swelling of the feet or the sensation of cold in the limbs, which derive from poor circulation. Overall, Leo has a strong constitution that is in direct relation with his extroverted and optimistic temperament, which is why monitoring his weaknesses can contribute to the maintenance of his excellent health.

    • Prefers sports with some competition
    • Prefers outdoor sports
    • If traveling will make sure to have only best friends or family members
    • Likes to go to museums, theater, cinema and city touring
    • Likes to go to restaurant, bars or coffee shops
    • Will party with closest and related friends to strengthen relationships

Fitness Activities & Health

Leo is super active. It’s hard to see Leo in one place for too long. He likes to have an active lifestyle. Keeping fit is a must because fitness is good for his health and also it’s part of his lifestyle. Leo will ignore doing anything else if his fitness is not at the preferred level. Leo will be more attracted to sports that offer some kind of competition rather than to monotonous ones.

Preferred Sports

Water sports are also preferred by Leo because of high competition and also because it helps Leo to balance his high blood pressure. Other sports which can be at Leo’s interest are those in open nature, like mountain biking, mountain climbing, trekking, etc.

Friends For Life

Leo prefers to have a strong social life. He likes to invite his closest friends’ to parties or for BBQ. Leo needs to be in touch with his best friends. Leo appreciates friends who can go along with him touring around the world. Visiting museums or going to the theater is also on his favorite list. Leo’s known for his active lifestyle. He shouldn’t take his body abilities to the limit and mustn’t forget that his body can’t always handle certain sports.

A Better Lifestyle To Follow

Playing in a group is good because if he suffers from sudden blood pressure or heart attack he can then receive immediate first aid. Leo doesn’t like to stand doing nothing. Instead, he will look for ways to keep himself busy. Usually, his friends will meet with Leo for the most part of the day. During summer time Leo likes to do outdoor activities generally with friends.

How To Take Care Of Himself?

It’s essential that if Leo wants to keep in good health, he should control the overabundance of solar energy given by the planet Sun. It’s the same planet which rules the sign of Leo that given to Leo a large quantity of natural energy. In other words, Leo must force himself to moderation. Definitely, Leo needs to sleep for a long time, or at least eight hours.

He should reach his total recovery with short and successive periods of sleep. If born during a solar eclipse, Leo may be affected by a heart attack at a young age. However, Leo is one of the most long-lived signs of the Zodiac. Leo’s whole life is characterized by a constant dynamic intensity that pushes him to action and to reach the prefixed goals. The sign of Leo represents not only the human heart, but that of the whole created.

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