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Leo’s Behavior with Friends

Everyone wants to be friend with Leo. Why? Because Leo is a very socializing person who tends to treat friends with respect. On the other hand it’s what Leo would want in return. Based on these principal rules Leo shines in every aspect of friendship. One true fact is that Leo friendship is not for sale that anyone can buy it. Leo friendship is open and anyone should earn it.

Also, once earned the Leo friendship can open up new opportunities to those who value and respect this friendship. That said, Leo can be friends very quickly with others. This is because of his charming and adorable character. (read more about Leo’s Friendship with Capricorn)

Leo’s Social Life

First things first. The true fact is that Leo is good with his friends, when those friends appreciate Leo’s straight forward character. Leo tends to socialize more with people who are on the same level of intelligence as he/she is.

This may sound cruel, but Leo depends on a friendship who believe in the same social values as Leo does. Leo has many positive factors, which he/she expect others to notice and value. He/she is kind and can make friends smile even when they don’t want to.

Leo appreciates their friend’s hobbies too and usually will go with them where they’ve never been before. Leo’s generosity has limits, including their good friends. However, they extend that limitation and let friends enjoy their wellness until enough is enough. When Leo is with friends, he/she will try to keep them happy and laughing. Leo’s socializing skills are at the highest level.

Finding The Right Friends

Finding the right friend for Leo wouldn’t be a challenge. Usually is the other way around. Others bet attracted to Leo character and behavior. The Leo friendship is worthy and getting used to Leo’s character isn’t difficult either. Also, Leo likes to have friends from all different backgrounds. It’s not because Leo is desperate to have friends, but because Leo enjoys friends with different experiences in life.
Most important is that Leo wants to exchange ideas and learn from them whatever is of their interest. Leo likes sharing experiences with friends. On the other hand, all these friends can learn one or two things from Leo also.

Leo will kindly ignore being friends with those who don’t know how to respect a friend. He/she can never be accused of hiding something from someone.
Leo is happy to have people close to them, especially when they’re at the center of the crowd’s attention.

Leo has tons of friends. After all, if he/she thinks he’s so special, he/she must necessarily have something to catch friend’s attention. Everyone can be Leo’s friends. Leo does not discriminate against anyone, preferring a great mix of people to have fun with. Leo always wants the best of every friend.

Helping His Friends

Leos will be there when friends need his support for their cause. Friends would help Leo in areas where he/she lacks experiences. Leo will do whenever he can to help his friends, or at least to be there and encourage them. Leo will not help when friends try to take advantage of his kind heart or who disloyal him.
To Leo making friends is not a problem so losing or removing off the list a few unkind friends is not a problem, Leo will even tell them face to face what their problem is without a second thought. The Lion can be a great friend. He can be playful like a kitten and irradiate people around them. Attention however to their competitive side.
As a friend, Leo seeks to help them in every way and ensure their success. He likes to take his friends to big parties, dinners and so on. Be sure to thank him more than once of his generosity. A friend who does not appreciate sufficiently the generosity of Leo will not have the opportunity to show it later.

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