9 Secrets On How To Attract A Cancer Man

How To Attract A Cancer Man

How To Attract A Cancer Man?

“How To Attract A Cancer Man” could the question many woman would ask. But, if a woman wants to win the heart of a Cancer Man, she must first conquer his mother. Yes, for him, mother comes first. Even the most advanced Cancer has a problematic addiction with this fearsome parent. Having this knowledge prior to pursuing a Cancer Man will save suitors from expending time and energy competing with mommy dearest.

The Cancer man is affectionate and romantic but has a versatile personality. He is so motivated that he can’t help but to continually regret the past. A Cancer man usually has the tendency to cling to his previous relationships. He is the most sensitive man of the Zodiac and for this reason it is difficult for him to live off his memories.

How are Cancers in a relationship?

The real satisfaction starts with the Capricorn Woman, a diametrically opposed sign to that of Cancer. What could contrast better than the dryness of the Earth with the excess of (tearful) emotion of this Water Sign? The Cancer Man can also have excellent harmony with a Taurus and Virgo Woman. Both of these signs are practical and the women born under them know how to raise their wands and barriers in front of the fear and tremors of the Sign of Water. And who better than the Scorpio Woman to tease the heart of a Cancer Man?

The relationship between the two is highly erotic, but there is always impending crisis  around the corner. A Scorpio Woman almost always gets the better of the Cancer male, but he has a power of his own and with his lively affection the Cancer Man can create feelings of guilt and strong addictions that will affect even the most stubborn of women. As for a Pisces or Cancer Woman, the risk of increasing tensions among them is high. The relationship is not advisable, because sticking to the last tear is unhealthy.

What a cancer male is attracted to?

The Aries Woman is an explosive matter for a Cancer Man. He is too sensitive and funny to hold on to the arms of a Woman of Fire. With the Libra Woman the Cancer man shares a dangerous sense of beliefs, but in the long run the couple breaks because of uncertainty. The perfect match is with the Leo woman who is generous and luckily able to help clear out the dark and bumpy road ahead of the Cancer Man.

Only the Leo Woman is able to work on the unexpected changes in a Cancer man’s mood and to keep him excited. The Cancer man’s relationship with the Gemini Woman can be risky. So lively and active they could end up “crushed” by the possession of the water sign. Not even a relationship with an Aquarius Woman can meet his expectation. She’s too independent and unconventional for a tender but a viscous sign like the crab.

  • Don’t like others to get inside their personal life
  • Security is their priority
  • Usually, have broad shoulders
  • Known to put on weight easily
  • Empathetic character
  • Will keep wearing the same old clothes
  • Tends to be hidden from public appearance
  • Will try but will find it difficult to show off publicly

What type of person is a Cancer male?

Usually, the Cancer male is silent and dreamy, and sometimes he does not understand what he has in his possession. The Cancer male tends to live his life in a shell to protect himself from outside threats. During the day the Cancer male can change his mood two or three hundred times from laughing and joking to blaming and complaining.

The moon is his protector and mother, making  the Cancer male sensitive and full of imagination, romantic and nostalgic. The large range of emotions the Cancer male can feel makes him very sensitive and hyper-romantic which is very unlike the macho Aries man or the conqueror Taurus man.

Making A Decision

The Cancer man is often confused so making a decision becomes a large obstacle. Most often the Cancer man relies on others for advice, but too lazy to undertake anything, he usually lets himself be conquered. When reality becomes too unpleasant, the Cancer man escapes back to moments of his childhood, a magical age he recalls with nostalgia and regret. But watch out, when the moon is crooked, Cancer is suddenly entrenched behind a stone silence.

Under the same circumstance while Aries explodes, the Cancer man folds into himself and it takes very little to hurt him. However, the Cancer man is not one to divulge the reasons he frowns and he will never supply  clear answers to questions about himself. Instead, his speech often begins with an ‘if’ and inevitably ends with a ‘but.’

Certainly Confused

The Cancer man alludes, mentions and glances making him a hard person to love. Anyone who tries, must understand the nuances of his moods and not take them too personally. The Cancer man requires constant attention and sometimes he is as capricious as a child. He will not tolerate criticism and he’ll believe nobody understands him except for, his mom of course.

Here, perhaps it helps to know that the Cancer man has never cut the umbilical cord. He has a strong bond with his mother and he will often unconsciously  search for her in every woman (out of love or hatred) throughout his life. The Cancer man is very jealous but hides it behind a mask of apparent calm and total indifference.

  • Is shy but may show interest to sell their values after a while
  • Will try to treat everyone equally
  • Find it hard to escape from mother’s influence
  • Will do their best to offer security to family and children
  • Will save money for the future
  • Does not approach directly to get things done
  • Has an orthodox way of doing business

When a Cancer man is moody?

Exciting but extremely responsive, to keep his sudden mood swings at bay, the Cancer man must maintain a firm and sweet attitude. The best way to combat a Cancer man’s mood swings is to resist giving in to his emotional blackmailing. Get ready for a burst of “do you love me?” and constant personal history checks. So, in short, if you can’t deal with the theatrics and heavy doses of possession, even if motivated by the most romantic intentions, it is best to let this man go.

What is Cancer Man attracted to?

The Cancer man is attracted to women with strong character, those who in all possible ways remind him of his mother. In bed, the Cancer man may seem to be  all cuddles and sweetness with slow and lazy rhythms, but under this exists erotic fantasies and sex with him can become a bit unusual.

Cancer doesn’t always decide to make the first move as he needs constant encouragement. The Cancer man is also continually looking for a protective partner, one who is ready to forgive, understand, and support him, someone to take care of him and to defend him from the difficulties of real life.

What do Cancers Zodiac look like?

The Cancer man’s body is usually round or plump with massive shoulders and he is often not very tall. Those Cancer men who are tall will usually still look blocky or plump. He will have a round head with high cheekbones and prominent brows. The Cancer man’s eyes aren’t big or deep, but often small and spread away from the nose.

Another typical characteristic of a Cancer man is his ability to gain weight very quickly, which later on presents a challenge to lose it. The Cancer man is concerned with appearing fit and he will work very hard to lose the excess weight but this will take some time, as his plump body type isn’t used to sports or exercise.

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