Earth Signs Compatibility Taurus, Virgo And Capricorn

Earth Signs Compatibility

The Earth element – The Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

What are the qualities of earth signs? The Earth Signs Traits:

They have spirit, imagination, inspiration, expression, skill and intellectual creative, initiative, elastic, original, able to change, creative, intelligent, adaptable, improvising, active.

Earth Signs Meaning

The natural element of the earth unites three zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Here are their characteristics and affinities with other signs.

As much as they may encounter criticism, astrology and horoscope cannot fail to fascinate. For those who believe in the influence of the stars in our lives, identify four categories of signs of the Zodiac that are based on natural elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. The signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are part of the second group, which have common characteristics between them. Like those of Water, they are part of the so-called “passive” and feminine signs, inclined to inner dialogue and reflection.

In the Zodiac, the natural element of the Earth is associated with solidity and stability, as well as endurance and common sense. This is because it turns out to be the richest in the matter, which leads it to become a symbol of femininity and fertility. Belonging to the concrete world, all these signs are endowed with a strong pragmatism and never lose sight of their objectives. Often referred to as “cold”, each Earth sign hides a sweet and sensitive soul, which it reveals over time. In love, they seek security and tranquility, but also passion.

In this article, we reveal the main characteristics of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, including their strengths, weaknesses, and affinities with other signs. If you want to delve deeper into the world of astrology and horoscope, watch this short video: did you know that every zodiac sign has a precious stone that helps and protects it?

The Symbiology

In the symbiology, the Earth Sign follows the Fire Signs. The signs under the Earth Signs have a calm, realistic, sometimes greedy, rigorous and difficult temperament. They build regretful situations in which they feed their material security effectively. Their perception of reality is right, and this allows them to be right in investments, profitable objectives, and see the excellent opportunity for victory. But they are often distant or detached and seem to lack clarity, balance, creativity, and tolerance. Their practical point of view makes them believe only what they want to see.

What is Earth as an element?

Clearly, the earth element refers to the raw material which gives form to life. Therefore, the sign of Earth is the mother or the matrix and is synonymous with fruitfulness. At the same time analogically, in the human body Earth Element is represented by supporting the structures of bones, cartilages, tendons, skin. As a result, it corresponds to the lower part of the body like the feet, legs and all that stays connected with the support and the force of gravity. On the psychological level, it is attached to the acceptance of life. The sense that belongs to it is the smell.

What is your dominant element?

People with a dominant Earth Elements count more on practical reason than on inspiration. They may appear cold, materialistic but they intend to build and to lay the foundations for something that will have to grow, both in material and spiritual good. Usually, all Earth Signs seem orientated towards science or technology. They can be wary of self-discipline when they don’t get real results. Their abilities of analysis and synthesis, combined with logic, can favor the search for great truths in various fields, including the medical field.

The Earth Signs In Love

The need for love is often a priority for the Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. First of all, they look for a great sensuality but also for safety and tranquility. They appreciate family life and try to build their life around their needs. Thus they tend to think long before they decide. This is because they want to anchor their relationships in the long run with a minimum of risks, surprises, and changes. Earth Signs remain concerned with security. Maybe in any case they cause their partner to shake, which may find them possessive or suffocating. Earth Signs always look for a safer value and doesn’t seem too insensitive to physical beauty.

Which zodiac signs belong To The Earth Signs?

Those who belong to the Earth Sings have a patient, disciplined and tolerant attitude. Usually, they seem to appear cautious, thoughtful and traditional. They can understand responsibilities and diligently perform when found under pressure. They love taking care of others and solving their practical issues. Their wisdom can become a cage and could stop their evolution, both on the inner and on the material level. They don’t easily fit with the Air Signs but are affected by their attraction. Also, they have little trust in the Fire Sings.

Taurus Sign Element – Ruled by Venus

The Taurus sign ruled by Venus is naturally balanced and patient. They seem to wait to see things for themselves before judging or acting. It expresses their emotions and passions in a natural way. They’re creative and inventive. Love anything that concerns beauty and live in celebration of Beauty and Goodness. Taurus seem able to recognize the good even in one’s enemy. The Taurus Sign ruled by Venus is friendly, sociable and has a very developed sense of aesthetics.

Virgo Sign Element – Ruled by Mercury

The sign governed by Mercury is sociable, greedy for multiple encounters, for various contacts, for the pure pleasure of communicating and for learning. Virgo want to live free and sometimes unattainable. Sometimes they are shy in their pirouettes and tend to remain open to start relationships. Virgo doesn’t feel tied to anything or anyone because they want to live a free life. The Mercurian which has a nervous temperament seems to intrigue them. Virgo has an excellent critical judgment and a unique ability to settle things.

Capricorn Sign Element – Ruled by Saturn

Is Capricorn an earth sign? Capricorns are an extraordinarily sign who crave to live free and independent.  They have in mind clear objectives and see the path where they to go. Their path may be difficult, but nothing can stop them to try to reach them. The strong conviction in its finality and in its own means can make Capricorns appear as a shy and introverted sign. Actually, they have high self-confidence.

They take their time to make sure that the people they have to deal with must live up to their expectations. The purpose in something is everything for Capricorn. To achieve the goals they are willing to do any kind of deprivation and, in some cases, they are willing to compromise.

Therefore, Capricorns are sometimes accused of exploiting people, or of being too attached with the people they work for. In reality, Capricorn cannot escape from the satisfaction of its long-term goals. As a result their self-denial is a genuinely essential characteristic of them.

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