The 20 Ultimate Virgo Men Traits

The 20 Ultimate Virgo Men Traits


If you ask any astrology expert about the Virgo men traits, the answer will be “they have far too many traits. Mostly positive”.

they are precise and punctual people, concrete and rational, perfectionists, fussy and uncompromising

The Virgo men traits can be both positive and negative. Virgo men are incredible forces of perception, thinking, reasonableness, and critical thinking. Undoubtedly one of the best characteristics that help Virgo men to get along with others is the fact that Virgo men are very kind.

That said lets start getting into more details with the 20 most underestimated Virgo men traits. Read from the list below.

Virgo men behavior

Virgo men live in a world of their own and often, nothing else counts if their  interests aren’t met. They have no difficulty in talking and telling about everything and more for hours and hours in a row, but if someone dares to touch their personal side, than Virgo men will transform into something else. From a tender creature it becomes a monster, it completely changes from the tone of voice to the facial expression.

The men born under the sign of Virgo are extremely critical, often exaggerating, making the person next to them uncomfortable and unhappy. It almost seems that we always enjoy finding faults and errors in everything. For them there is no so-called constructive criticism, they will knock you out with the sheer pleasure of seeing you submissive.

This behavior is done precisely to mask his insecurity. If you are dealing with a man born under the sign of Virgo and are extremely sensitive, best bet it’s to stay away from them.

Virgo men are reliable 

Another trait of Virgo men who are so often overlooked for more exciting characteristics is the fact that they are reliable. Although reliability has never been seen for the first time as something that ignites fireworks in a fledgling relationship, reliability can certainly maintain a relationship and help strengthen the bond of a couple.  

Virgo men are stubborn 

Unfortunately, Virgo men can be very stubborn people at times. This is due to their exuberant personality, which means that they do not appreciate obstinacy, especially when they are so honest. However, if a Virgo boy can keep him under control, there is no reason why they still can’t make each other happy. 

Virgo men want to be just right

Virgo men are precise and punctual, concrete and rational, but also perfectionists, fussy and uncompromising. They have a subtle sense of humor that will win you over and take great care of their physical appearance, therefore you will never run the risk of finding yourself in front of sloppy people.   

Virgo men are smart people

Virgo men have an analytical, critical, and perfectionist mind, sometimes to the point of excess. What matters for Virgo men is to have constant control over themselves and the surrounding reality, always maintaining a certain detachment from situations. Those born under this sign of earth, in fact, do not want to leave anything to chance but rely on reason and organization.

Virgo men are responsible people

No frills for the Virgo men, they only care about the core of things. It is certainly the most serious and responsible sign of the zodiac and in this sense, it is very similar to Capricorn. Attentive not only to the circumstances but also to her own well-being, they could turn body care into their profession. 

Trust matters for Virgo men

On a sentimental level, those born under the sign of Virgo initially prove rigid and detached, but, when they feel they can really trust the other person, they melt and show all their love with gestures rather than words. Faithful and loyal, her sense of honor pushes her to respect the commitments made. 

Despite this, the partner will still have to pay attention because, under a mild and reserved character, a nonconformist, rebellious, and greedy Virgo for independence could be hiding!

Virgo men in love 

The Virgo men want to have next to them a woman whom they can trust blindly and by whom they will never be betrayed but from all points of view. When Virgo men are in love will want to know for sure that they can completely trust the women they are in a relationship with.

If they can’t tell their lover everything they have in mind without worrying about being judged, they won’t see a future with this person. They may feel insecure about themselves and will want to be able to trust someone before truly opening up to them.  

Virgo men in Love and sex 

It is not uncommon for those born under the sign of Virgo to be often single. This does not depend on their degree of palatability, but on their being demanding, uncompromising, and perfectionist. 

The verb to settle is absolutely not in the vocabulary of this sign of the zodiac and, before a Virgo man or a Virgo women manage to find the perfect partner and lives up to their (unattainable) expectations, it could take a long time.

Often, Virgo men decide to dedicate themselves only to themselves, cultivating their independence and indulging in some adventures without obligation. 

When Virgo men actually fall in love

They never completely transform and always maintain a certain rigor (except under the covers, where they give free rein to their wild side), however, they prove to be more flexible and able to offer unconditional support.

On the other hand, anyone who falls in love with Virgo must be aware of the fact that these people can turn out to be rather cold and sometimes hyper-critical. However, if the feeling is genuine, they will be able to demonstrate their love in alternative but equally effective ways.

Virgo Men in Love & Relationships

Virgo men have quiet self-confidence that is easy to see, but they can be a little hesitant to get close to the objective. This is because they also have an active self-critical voice in their head which indicates everything about themselves that is not perfect. It can take some time to get over that rumor and get involved.

When they are in a relationship, they are loyal and loving partners. Virgo men don’t suspect their partners will cheat on them, but they can be a little paranoid that they’re not good enough for their partner and that they’ll leave them.

Sexuality and in bed

Virgo men tend to be traditional in bed and don’t like to experiment with anything too unusual. The right partner can help them free them from their shell if they are in a space of comfort and trust.

Attracting a Virgo men

Virgo men appreciate an intelligent, intellectual partner with whom they can exchange ideas about the meaning of life. They also appreciate someone who is clean and well done but in a natural way. They find that over the top it feels like a bit of a twist.

This helps many women of other signs (especially Cancer women and Pisces women) find him attractive. Also, many women will start to feel like they are at the top of Virgo’s priority list thanks to their kindness. 

Compatibility with Virgo men

Virgo men are more compatible with Pisces and Capricorn. The outgoing yet caring nature of Pisces helps Virgo relax and share themselves with a little more freedom. Capricorn shares Virgo’s love of organization and order. The two can live quite separate lives, but in a way that makes them both happy.

Virgo men want to be successful

Fussy as they are, they would hardly be able to tolerate a careless way of life. Virgo men want to be the most perfect people in the world, but in reality, they will not be able to do it. The stinginess is more serious and alas the Virgo men tend to be a bit tied to earnings and budgets. He doesn’t always tell the truth but always out of the desire to be perfect at all costs. 

Virgo men care about their health

Virgo men know very well how to take care of their health. Those born under this sign pay close attention to their personal care and, in particular, to prevention. Every year, they never fail to take a moment to do routine checks and make sure everything is working perfectly. 

If something is wrong, they are certainly not discouraged and devoured by fear, but they take each step with great courage and faith in medicine. In general, of all the zodiac signs, they are the most likely to suffer from migraines due to the high stress and pressure they usually inflict on themselves.

Not everything is perfect with Virgo men

A conversation with Virgo men can be like walking into a rabbit hole. When they are interested in something, they seek deep and thorough knowledge of that thing and maybe talk about it all day.

They tend to have a minimalist aesthetic, where everything has a purpose and a place. But don’t expect to see them post photos of their perfectly organized items on social media. They do things for themselves, not for the public.

Even though Virgo doesn’t care too much about the opinions of others, they have a hard time accepting criticism, as they never believe they are wrong. They can also be a little too harsh when they express their criticisms.

Home and family life

Home for Virgo men is usually the perfect place to be. Their home is well organized and spotless. Dishes are never left in the sink for more than a few minutes after use. This can make it difficult for some to live with, but they don’t care about cleaning up after people. Find cathartic cleanliness, how cleaning the house is also cleaning his soul. They are not the type of people who like to visit family and friends too regularly, but they are always in her heart.

Career and money mean a lot to Virgo men

Virgo men are ambitious, but what they are looking for is an intellectually satisfying career. They like to pursue their interests, and their deep knowledge of their area of ​​specialization, coupled with their work ethic, ensures that they have no problem finding success in the career that they have chosen over time. 

They are happy to light the candle at both ends to get things done. Also, they feel deep levels of innate responsibility. The work they produce is always of a high standard and almost perfect.

Virgo men are excellent when it comes to saving money, as they know how to prioritize and pass on the little things when they have an eye on the big picture. They may tend to prefer to save their dollars rather than risk investing.

Virgo men are professionals

From a professional point of view, Virgos are naturally predisposed to all those jobs that require analytical and practical skills, strong problem-solving skills, organization, and reasoning, such as teaching, accounting, research, craftsmanship, medicine, programming, design, and gardening.


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