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scorpio in love

Scorpio In Love

The Scorpion, positioned in the house of Sex, turns out to be a saint or a sinner. Scorpio tends to focus all their energies in one direction, that of emotional exploration, which encompasses both the sentimental and the sexual sphere. Scorpio isn’t a many lover person though they’re quite attractive to opposite sex. They will give it all to one love only. Scorpio is like a sex machine because of the way they sway the opposite sex. Scorpio is one of the most known romantic lovers in the zodiac. False loving or just loving for the good looks is not acceptable for Scorpio.

What Does Scorpio Hate?

Scorpio in love demands unconditional love. He hates it when opposite sex has no respect especially in love and hates those who don’t tell the truth instead of hiding behind their mask. Scorpio has an accurate intuition, which allows him/her to behave appropriately in almost every situation. Self-confident enriched with captivating charm and the sign of Scorpio will always know the way in which to get what they need.

Expressing Love

Scorpio doesn’t express love publicly because their dignity will not allow them to do so. Exposing their feeling and express love openly is not Scorpio’s style. Therefore, they hide their passion until the right moment. When the moment is right, Scorpio in love will display all qualities and make any partner fall in love instantly. Once they have fallen in love and have found the right partner their goal is to stay connected in a relationship forever. Scorpio is loyal to the one they love and with not cheat and vice versa.

Natural Seducer

The sign of Scorpio is supplied with a strong magnetic power that guarantees a favorable fortune on an emotional level. Scorpio is looking for the person who will drag him/her into an overwhelming love story that can make him/her touch the sky. Scorpio in love radiates overwhelming passion. In light energy, moments of absolute balance will follow and every moment will be lived with sheer intensity.

    • Will passionately love one person only
    • Don’t like expressing love publicly
    • Tend to remain reserved when expressing emotions
    • Their love actions are meaningful
    • Partners will be attracted toward their sensual attractiveness
    • Tend to dominate love
    • Will express independence when loved
    • Prefer to get in touch with honest partners
    • Will remain loyal to one love only
    • Hates liars and dishonest people

The End Of Relationship

Loyalty will be the main reason for making Scorpio breaking their bond. Scorpio will be suspicious if their partner is not showing honesty in love. They will delve deep into partners mind to find out if they are or aren’t loyal. If Scorpio finds out dishonesty, then there is nothing saving the relationship. A true Scorpio tends to love and emotionally support their lover passionately.

Is Scorpio Secretive?

Yes, Scorpios are secretive people, but at least they will not sneak behind any other relation while they are in one true connection. Scorpio will find another relationship only when there is nothing left to love. Strong and determined, Scorpio wants to choose only the best for themselves. Equipped with a dominant personality, Scorpio cannot stand the idea that someone can keep them under control. In the typical dynamics of a romantic relationship, Scorpio look for independence or they will create different circumstances to favor their needs.

Controlling Relationship

Scorpio man seems to want more control in a relationship than the Scorpio woman does. But on the other hand, Scorpio woman is more reluctant and will understand the partner’s position and will draw back and give them more space. Scorpio woman will refuse taking orders from a partner who is being rude and violent. Scorpio woman will not tolerate violence and will fight back to win her dignity. She’s ambitious and likes to explore the world around. She will explain to her partner ahead her rules and expect him to follow. Also, the Scorpio woman will tell the partner her needs for freedom.

When Scorpio Is Out Of Relationship

Once Scorpio is out of a relationship, they will start looking for a new one. This has never been Scorpio’s intention, but when things go wrong, then they have no other choice. When Scorpios comes to the divorce part, they will make sure that their children aren’t affected by it. They will try to keep their children safe and will not involve them in anything that has to do with their divorce. Scorpio will make sure that their children are looked after even after the separation is over. Scorpio will take care of their schooling and of anything else their children may need so they won’t get emotionally affected by the divorce.

Dominate Relationship

Scorpio tends to dominate a relationship which may not be to their partner’s liking. This may become a problem if both partners don’t come to an understanding of who is in charge. Scorpio prefers to be the leader in love and eventually in a relationship. When Scorpio accepts orders from their partner is because of a particular reason. Any deviation in love or uncontrolled situation will make Scorpio behave strangely which is not something they want to do, but under those circumstances, it will push them to act that way.

Scorpio And Sexuality

Lack of sex in a relationship will be another factor to make Scorpio quit an actual relationship. Scorpio is driven by the great desire of sexual relationship. Therefore, insufficient sexual life will cause them to leave their lover. They will try to explain the reason why before they quit and expect their partner to understand and make changes to suit Scorpios needs for more active sexual life. Sex, money and power, these are the prerogatives of Scorpio. A loving relationship able to meet these needs will be greeted with extreme pleasure.

The Influence Of The Planets

The influence of the planets Mars and Pluto determines their particular warlike nature. The ideal partner is the one who manages to keep their aggressive and passionate nature under control. Yes, Scorpios are sexy and attractive, but that doesn’t mean they have to get in relation with anyone. They have a mission and tend to love a dedicated person who fulfills all their needs completely. Honesty has to be one of their main principles to get together with a Scorpio. “No honesty no love” seems to be the next rule.

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