How to make a Libra man obsessed with you?

make a libra man obsessed

Making Libra man yours may not be that easy. Seducing him encourages him to strengthen his self-confidence, which is not especially useful.

To make Libra man obsessed with you, first, you have to know how he behaves in a relationship, in love, how he likes to live his life, his sexual habits, and more.

Few tips if you are interested to conquer the Libra man. 

“He has a weakness for flowers, sweet music, candlelit restaurants, and elegant parties.”

What kind of woman do Libra men like?

Most Libra man out there are introverts and feel like they are bothered if a woman is expecting them to start a conversation. Libra man wants a loyal and romantic woman. He wants a woman who values justice and has an organized life. Libra man are known to be masculine, sensual and very polite. Libra like to have the company of Virgo woman, Scorpio woman, Gemini woman, Aquarius woman, Leo woman and Sagittarius woman.

It is hard to see if a Libra man likes you by the attention she will give. Libra man likes to flirt with everyone who lets to do so. Libra man thinks that is is fun to first get to know everyone before they start to looking for the right partner. Just like the scale, Libra man like to scale out everyone and filter out the potential partner.

One good way to discern how much a Libra man likes you, instead, is by seeing how much similarities you have. A Libra man who likes you will make sure that you have a lot in common.

Is Libra man capable of dating any woman?

Libra man is very capable of dating any woman on Saturday and starting a serious relationship on Sunday. The ideal woman for Libra man must be beautiful, cultured, refined, and elegant. She must have a personality strong enough to guide him in decision making and support him in critical moments. 

He wants to couple with a woman to build a relationship that can last forever otherwise, Libra man will look elsewhere to find the only true love.

How to seduce a Libra man?

Most importantly, you have to be a classy woman. You do not have to show-off too much on the first night, like a movie premiere. Just try to match the colors of your clothing with those of your make-up. Match your favorite shoes and non-extravagant handbag. Do not forget to use a few drops of flower flavor perfume. It is essential! 

What you should and should not?

  • Never show vulgarity: censor all “strong” terms … or there will not be a second time!
  • Do not express negative judgments about people you have known: it could make a bad impression on them.
  • Conquer him with sweetness: he is a man who loves tender, sincere women … a little helpless.
  • Do not interrupt him when he is expressing his thoughts.
  • Tend to nod your head and look into his eyes when you agree about something.

The Libra man is made to please you if …

  • Are you tired of men who do not believe in marriage!
  • You believe that the common rules of etiquette are necessary.
  • With your last man, you fought every single day!
  • The goal of a stable union is in his astrological DNA.

With the woman of his dreams

Avoid him like the plague if you cannot stand someone who answers you with a question. He often tends to bond with the woman who supports his needs. To build a steady future, he tailors a relationship out of the need to confront his partner or to enrich himself spiritually. He does this to escape emotional loneliness. His purpose is the natural need to feel socially integrated into the myth of the couple and the family. 

Whatever you do, just do not leave Libra man alone for two main reasons

  • he hates loneliness
  • he will look for a new love

Libra man hates loneliness, so avoid it if you want to keep him.

Try NOT to leave the Libra man alone as he fears loneliness. Libra man prefers to be loved than to love, meaning that YOU should take action. This is why he can be a serial traitor if his partner doesn’t feed with constant love. Libra is the archetype of the couple where neither partner dominates the other. That is why, the Seventh House, which represents unions and associations in general, is in analogy with the sign of Libra.  

How to conquer a Libra man?

The rule of thumb is to use all the best qualities you have! If you are a nice and beautiful woman, if you look like a movie star, the task of conquering him will be much easier. However, read the behavior that you will have to implement perfection because this man cares a lot about the manners and behavior you have in society.

But, if you have only an average physique and fair charm, then conquering him with sympathy, extreme self-confidence, and good humor will work just fine. Get noticed with your sense of humor if it is your most powerful point. 

How to love a libra man?

The Libra man is capable of loving two, four, or six women at the same time, among which he does not know how to choose because he is afflicted by a chronic hesitation, often leaving it to others (in this case the others) to do it for him. 

He is not an infidel, mind you. He is constantly looking for Love, the one with a capital L. He falls in love easily as he is in love with love.

Nobody loves the way a Libra man does! Can you expect less from the man whose ruling planet is Venus? But should this mean that your problems with having a relationship with him will be minor? 

Not necessarily! Because there is another thing we need to remember about Venus: she too had her ups and downs. Olympus, in Roman mythology, often witnessed her mood swings that led to some of the most dangerous epics. But the men on Mount Olympus still pursued her, because no one could compare with Venus. The same is the case with your Libra man, and that’s all the reason to know how to love a Libra man.

How does the Libra man behave in a relationship?

Get this straight! He hates fights and arguments. If you fight Libra man, he will try to find new love. This is because he wishes to live in peace and not disappoint the expectations of others. Libra man always seeks dialogue with confrontation. He will work with exceptional diplomacy to recover sudden breakups.

Anger, passion, jealousy, intense desires are all emotions that scare him. The desire for a quiet life often pushes him to repress himself to please others, and this, in the long run, wears down relationships.

How to seduce a Libra man in bed?

Making love to Libra man is a beautiful experience rather than an erotic activity. He doesn’t like sex marathons and quickies. He doesn’t want to have a dirty talk and too loud panting. Libra man loves to have some foreplay and also likes to watch. 

He is open to all experiences, as long as those are not humiliative by vulgarity. Do not be surprised if you find a Libra man who is also bisexual.

The erotic zone of the Libra man is the skin. Soft touching is the keyword. The Libra man is sensitive to touch as long as it’s done with sensuality.

For celestial excitations, one must always go back down towards the lower back and the sacrum and give small pinches on the rear roundness. 

The erogenous zones of Libra

Venus’s domicile causes Libra to have the skin and lower back as erogenous sensors! What makes it possible are prolonged caresses, especially in the lumbar area. He likes to be gently touched, gently caressed. Whisper something to him, sweet and bold words it should not take long to get to the facts! This also applies to the Libra woman.

How does the Libra man love?

Venus is his loving planet. Venus makes Libra man very sensitive to beauty. The Libra man is capable of loving two, four, or six women at the same time, among which he does not know how to choose because he is afflicted by chronic hesitation, often leaving others to choose for him.

It’s important to remember that Libra man is not an infidel. Yes, indeed, he is constantly looking for love, and not just any love but the one who will make him happy forever. Note, that the Libra man falls in love easily as he finds the right partner. 

His downside is precisely indecision.

Libra man is the air sign, therefore, he prefers to reason rather than react on instinct. He conquers the unedifying titles of false and opportunist. He should allow himself a few more failures and fewer formalities. 

Libra is often spoken of as the sign of balance, in reality, is the sign of a great duality that is always fluctuating in its intentions and actions precisely because it is constantly looking for a center of gravity. 

It’s difficult to put it in front of an either-or, or her or me. Deciding means choosing, giving priority to one option, and giving up the others. And this weighs heavily on Libra.

Naturally followed by caresses.

Libra man never loses sight of the practical side of the situation. This is precisely what his alleged duplicity consists of: the continuous search for the balance between feelings and reason, between fantasy and reality, and between spirit and matter. Security and balance depend a lot on the amount of affection he receives and not on who he receives it. 

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