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Libra boss

Working for Libra boss

Keeping the balance isn’t easy and making quick decisions isn’t easy either. Libra Boss has the habit of taking time to think before deciding. Intelligent Libra likes to analyze in detail before doing anything. Making decisions takes time, and Libra has the patience.

The work method of providing on time and with good quality is what every Libra boss wants. Libra boss introduces unique ideas to his employee and gives them time to adapt without pushing them too hard. The Libra Boss’ imagination runs wild. Therefore Libra works hard to make those dreams come true.

He never surrenders to make his dream come true. He has a goal and will hold on firmly until it becomes a reality. Libra Boss likes to have his family’ picture hanged on the wall together with his dream holiday places. Beware because Libra Boss doesn’t like to be pushed or fooled.

Respecting Deadlines

Usually, deadlines have a limit, and Libra boss won’t risk it. Libra Boss will make sure that every plan goes as planned. Libra boss expects from his employees to respect the deadlines and prioritize their actions. However, the first thing Libra boss wants from his employees is to be respectful, honest and loyal with their colleagues and their establishment.

Libra boss will make changes to his staff, if his recommendations aren’t followed. Libra boss values working with intelligent people. Therefore, he will want them to be fully capable of handling various jobs. Apart from having a large team working for him, Libra boss will keep a close eye on employees with potentially.

Libra employee will always look for a better way to improve his productivity. Libra employee will never give up until his objective is accomplished. He will remain restless until his demands are met.

  • Expects employee to respects the rules
  • Doesn’t rush to make a decision
  • Will expect respect, loyalty, and honesty from his employees
  • Values the good work
  • Will promote and offer to bonus them who work best
  • Prefers to create a strong team
  • Will listen to the suggestion
  • Will analyze data in detail
  • Has a good knowledge of finances

Choosing The Right Candidates

Libra boss will list some important criteria for every potential candidate. Libra boss would prefer to build a team of great leaders who can be able to handle demanding tasks since Libra’s demands are high. Everyone who does the job as requested will not only get promoted but will also get some bonus. Libra boss likes treating his employees fairly. Exactly just like as Libra boss would want to be treated.

The promoted members of staff should have records of problem-solving experience. Employees should report to Libra boss about all activities. Libra boss will need those details to build a database of statistics and use it for later analyses. On the other hand, Libra boss uses common sense and will allow suggestions and ideas from his employees. Potential employees soon or later will get their promotion.

Libra as Employee

Libra employee is a hard worker and very smart indeed. He is honest and very productive. Based on his positive working performance he expects to be valued and awarded. Libra employee isn’t a big talker, but he is a hard worker with excellent morale and will always show the right attitude.

Libra employee always impersonates his boss with his personal manners and the extraordinary abilities to handle difficult tasks. All he requires is a fair payment. There is no need to tell Libra employee what to do. He is a self-responsible person, and his working morale is high.

Libra is a competent individual at work who likes to help anyone who needs help. Also, he respects the space of each colleague but will hate it and will react if he is offended, told what to do, pushed to do something he doesn’t like and even when someone invades his work-space.

  • Workers must respect their boss
  • Workers must be honest no matter what
  • They have to show loyalty to co-working fellows and boss
  • Being responsible for the post given
  • Mustn’t argue, but should be problem solvers instead
  • Workers must be great motivators and not pessimistic
  • Selected candidates must show leadership value
  • Must help and support each other when in need

Working Environment

Let Libra work as he knows and expect excellent productive work. Libra worker will be able to manage his job and will be responsible for what he does. He likes to be happy and cheerful with everyone and hopes to raise his colleagues’ morale and be a team leader. Libra employee would want to work with people who are fair and tend to have a good working attitude.

The working place must have happy workers who prefer to leave their problems at home. If their problem is too big, Libra will assist to help them gladly. Libra employee likes to work in an environment where everyone follows respects everyone. He also likes everyone to be respected equally. If Libra works in an office, he would prefer to have lots of space and plenty of air to breathe. Libra hates it working in an enclosed environment.

 Libra’s Preferred Occupations

Potential working fields for Libra are the social politics roles. This is because in these jobs Libra can express his/her thoughts and opinions freely. Similar positions could be in the law departments. These types of posts seem preferred by Libra because he dreams of justice. To Libra, everyone’ rights must be equally heard.

Another preferred work field is diplomacy. Libra is the best negotiator for solving conflicts. Some other positions are more likely to be in the police department since he loves to keep the balance and avoid troubles. Marketing is also an area of jobs which Libra tends to show interest.

Marketing is suitable for Libra because he tends to have good manners, positive attitude and is able to hold great speeches in front of others. His communication skills are astonishing and are very demanding in this type of industry. Also, Arts and Film Industry are Libra’s favorites, and he shows quite some interest.

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