8 Amazing Facts You Need To Know Before Dating A Taurus

dating a Taurus

Dating a Taurus woman is the same as dating a Taurus man. So don’t expect to see two different characters

When dating a Taurus expect to be surprised by a traditional energetic character. Taurus is a sign of reliability, thus dating a Taurus becomes a safe situation. Usually, Taurus is persistent, tolerant, passionate, helpful, tender, and supportive. However, occasionally Taurus can also be aggressive, stubborn, and stagnant. Having an interest with a Taurus means not only finding out what makes the Taurus click, but also what makes him/her strong. Here are 8 brutal truths you should know before approaching a fiery bull. 

1. Taurus will always look for a companion who can bring different aspects into his/her life.

The dominant planet of Taurus is Venus: the goddess of love, beauty, and the arts. Satisfying Taurus remains one of the hardest tasks for any partner to accomplish. Taurus won’t be satisfied with anything other than decent people and high-quality food. Taurus adores to be in the kitchen so if you are serious try to get him/her into cooking delicious food. To attract a Taurus, you need to be unique, classy, ​​flashy, tender, stable, loyal, and irresistible. Taurus wants a partner who will fulfill his/her fantasies. So the physical advocate is the way to the heart of a Taurus.

2. A true Taurus is a Picasso in the art of seduction.

Taurus is the best seducer of the zodiac, a true romantic who is serene, open, lustful, and artistic. One of the best lovers to find. They love to be close and pamper their love with admiration and attention. This combination is in no way equivalent to promiscuity. Taurus’ instincts crave stability, devotion, comfort, and security. The Taureans are happier in a close and committed union.

3. Always remember! Don’t argue with a Taurus.

The chances of winning are thin. A Taurus may appear pessimistic, but this is due to his/her unshakeable practicality. Taurus is incredibly rooted and can view situations objectively. Under that hard shell, there is sensitivity. Taureans are authentic and cannot hide their disgust with falsehood. Taurus knows exactly what he/she wants. In most cases, their argument is better than others, so don’t try to change their mindset. Taurus will fight until they reach reason.

4. Taurus is romantic in the old days.

The quality of the Taurus is fixed and those born under this sign do not like change or haste. Taureans take their time and are extremely cautious of romantic courtship because they always play. You have to be patient if they want to last with a Taurus. Go forth dating a Taurus slowly slowly and steady you will win their heart. If a Taurus tries to chase you in an attempt to win your heart, consider yourself lucky. A good feeling can quickly turn into a loss of respect if their lover only wants an occasional relationship.

5. Bear in mind that Taurus is possessive.

When it comes to love, lightheartedness is not in the vocabulary of this sign. They are demanding and jealous at times, but this is only because of their immortal loyalty. A Taurus protects his partner and expects them to be reliable and honest in the relationship. 

6. Taurus won’t stop arguing until they have convinced you that their point of view is the right one.

Dating a Taurus can sometimes turn into an argument which means fighting a Taurus’ is certain. Regardless of the odds, a Taurus will always want to win the debate and we don’t care if you are right or wrong. Taurus is fiercely independent. Just like the Bull, they prefer to do things alone, and according to their rules and schedules. This means that even if a bull has a problem, they prefer to solve it by ourselves without the help of anyone.

7. Dating a Taurus and win their heart can a good thing.

Good things come to those who wait. Just don’t forget that if Taurus senses uncertainty they can easily get jealous. A bull often finds himself thinking: “What if my boyfriend/girlfriend finds someone better than me?” Meeting or even chatting with boyfriend’s friends and getting to know them doesn’t help. Taurus will find it hard to get rid of those feelings of possessiveness and jealousy.

8. Taureans often lose control of themselves and when they do, things can get UGLY.

When about dating a Taurus make sure you don’t say anything stupid or at least don’t try to bullshit them. Yes, the Bulls are patient, but on those rare occasions when they truly lose control they look like a hurricane that will not end until you agree with them to their point of view. 


But despite all this, Taureans are loyal to the death. This is a remarkable feature like no other zodiac sign. Bear in mind that dating a Taurus is not like a walk in the park. Make sure you are serious and know what you want from them. An important aspect in any relationship is loyalty and trust and if a Taurus decides to trust you it means that you have certainly gained his/her trust and they will remain faithful to you for a long time at least. But in case you betray their trust you will be lucky if Taurus will talk to you again. After all, they forgive, but they never forget.

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