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Who Are The 4 Best Zodiac Lovers?

Some zodiac signs can choose who to be in a relationship with or have a romantic and passionate story than others.

Through the Astral chart, it is possible to discover some opinions of few zodiac signs. It is even possible to make a prediction of the behavior of these people towards love. Read on and discover who are the 4 Best Zodiac Lovers signs that do better in relationships and how they act within the couple.

What is the most faithful sign?

Precisely because of the element that represents it and the alignment of its planet, it can be said that Taurus is one of the most stable signs when we talk about fidelity. Taurus is almost always looking for a lasting relationship and is willing to accept being a faithful and pleasing person. 

And the most jealous?

The sign most likely to suffer from jealousy is Cancer. As passionate as he may be, he is also very possessive.

It is easy for him to have doubts when he sees his partner behaving unusually. However, it is difficult to perceive it, because it is cautious and shows no obvious signs. Cancer is the type of person who wants to keep his or her beloved all to himself and who makes sure that no one gets in the way.

And those most in love?

When we talk about lovers we are referring to those who are very expensive to be alone and who prefer to have a partner or in any case a person who accompanies them throughout their life. These signs are Scorpio and Libra.

Although they demonstrate different behaviors when it comes to trusting in love, they cannot help but fall in love. As a couple, they have excellent opportunities because they bring seriousness and commitment to the relationship.


Sagittarius is a very faithful sign, almost devoted to his partner, with whom he loves to share the search for novelty and ideas to embark on new paths.

Sagittarius tends to get attracted to other people very quickly. This is one of their most relevant aspects. When they like someone, they trust themselves unconditionally and exclusively, giving up everything for the relationship. We know its main characteristics in the sentimental field.

Sagittarius is an interesting sign, with a dynamic personality, and a very enthusiastic and dreamer. Ruled by Jupiter who gives it a certain impetuousness, and by Neptune who continually pushes it towards movement and adventure. 

However, let’s not forget that Sagittarius is also a sign of philosophical thought. For this reason, living next to Sagittarius is undoubtedly enriched by his eclectic and extroverted personality. Love is an indispensable area for this sign of fire, a component that in many people is almost the priority of their existence.

Not always exhibited as something to show for approval, but certainly experienced with unrivaled intensity. Sagittarians conceive the relationship with a great sense of freedom, as a springboard from which to launch themselves to give space to their inexhaustible desire for movement, adventure, but also sharing.


Taurus is a sign that tends to abandon himself and he is not afraid of starting a new relationship. Taurus is willing to offer safety, protection, and loyalty to the chosen person. It is the ideal sign to make the partner feel at ease.

Taurus is the first earth sign of all zodiac signs. Nothing scares Taurus as he has complete control of his world. He is the most reserved of all zodiac signs. For him speaking is frustrating, and his character is different from the word.

Taurus is methodical and patient, that is why his favorite motto is “live and let live”. Taurus loves stability and completely trusts his material security. Ruled by Venus, in love Taurus is sensual and passionate, loves beauty, and often the sexual side of a relationship is a priority for him. 

Taurus leads towards fairytale and traditional romanticism, made up of promises of love and marriage, so when he decides to be faithful he will be faithful to the end. He also loves giving gifts demonstrating his compassion. Don’t be surprised if Taurus is possessive. He is not the sign to bond with if you love detachment and open relationships. 

The Taurus is often attracted to fiery temperaments, which bring audacity, love of danger, imagination, and recklessness into his life that he does not dare to express. This is why with the Scorpio woman he could live and experience a good life. 

Other ideal partners for Taurus, could be the Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Capricorn. With these signs, Taurus likes to share romanticism, tenderness and would love to give generous nature and the ability to achieve seemingly impossible goals. A passionate but temporary bond will be with the Aries sign. The madness of the Gemini woman will end up putting a strain on the feelings of Taurus. With Leo, Taurus will have to compromise, given the strong independence of both signs. 


In general, Leo do not stop, nor do they look back when it comes to love. The moment both signs discover a common interest, they will begin to bring out the best of themselves to conquer that person. Also, they tend to be very intense in love. In love, Leo is a true hunter and therefore loves to conquer rather than be conquered.

The winning strategy with Leo will be to pretend to be the prey at the beginning, and then he shows even the most determined and gritty side. 

Once Leo has won the heart of their partner, Leo will prove to be a fantastic partner, generous, and at the same time passionate in showing their feelings.

If Leo can find passion with their loved partner, Leo will make the time spent with their lover the best experience ever. If this happens then it could be destined to be the perfect couple, perhaps for a lifetime. 

The Leo in love is determined and brave. Leo is often direct in declaring and tends to live relationships with intensity, showing all their qualities. To conquer Leo isn’t easy. It is necessary to be polite, consistent, and loyal while trying to entertain Leo with new experiences, life projects, and initiatives, while also leaving Leo free to choose. 

Once you win Leo’s heart, try to keep the relationship alive by listening to them, finding a natural balance, giving them space, and trying to amaze them in numerous circumstances. It will also be important not to criticize them, otherwise, they will show all the anger that they sometimes keep hidden.


Cancer is 4th and the last sign on this list. Cancer is another sign who is always willing to open their heart and live a passionate love story. Cancer likes to protect his partner at all times, offering them comfort and giving all the attention possible. Cancer gets along in a romantic relationship with those in which the relationship may be unstable or short-lived.

As with all the other zodiac signs, Cancer, in relationships, manages to have perfect harmony with his partner. In some cases, where balance and serenity are the fundamental pillars of a couple of relationships in others, this combination becomes a real chimera.

Just think of the difficult relationship that can be established between Cancer and Gemini or the comfortable one between Cancer and Leo or Libra. With which zodiac sign, therefore, does Cancer get along best in love?

Endowed with an infallible instinct, the sign of Cancer knows how to make a person fall at his feet. Once Cancer has aimed his prey, he will use all the weapons he has at his disposal, first of all, that of charm.

Cancer’s natural intuition leads him to always make the right choice regarding the strategies to use to conquer the loved one, and it is very difficult that this can resist his magnetism.

Cancer desires to feel continuously reassured when engaged in a love relationship, consequently a partner attentive to every detail such as a birthday or a special occasion will certainly be able to win his heart and will be repaid with love and total devotion.

Sometimes, to be sure of the sincerity of the lover’s feelings, Cancer assumes a provocative attitude with the intent of analyzing the partner’s reaction, for him a jealous fit is synonymous with love.


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