Sagittarius Traits | 14 Main Secrets Revealed

Sagittarius Traits

These are few from so many Sagittarius Traits. The Archer is always ready for action, exploding with goals and ideals. Sagittarius is fueled by the energy of fire and by the rules of Jupiter. This is a truly active, extrovert, mobile and eager sign.

It is the personification of happiness, of enthusiasm and can be fascinating in their philosophies. Variable motivations bring irresistible forces of attraction. Without balancing its energy, Sagittarius can become too changeable. Unrest can spread energy, and finding a safe position in life for them is not as easy.

A calm reflection can temper the fire and raise the insights. Receptivity can calm the impatient desire to move elsewhere, sometimes so quickly. This energy if well balanced can lead to extreme results.


Free The Spirit


Freedom to live, freedom to do whatever he wants, this is the way Sagittarius likes to live his life. Being a free spirit to Sagittarius doesn’t mean allowing others to think that Sagittarius is a selfish person, but is to prove others the benefits of living free in mind and soul. Sagittarius loves to live as a free-spirited individual who is sometimes seen residing outside the standards of society lifestyle. To Sagittarius, it means making decisions for himself and to hope to find out what’s the best for him but without abandoning his social lifestyle.


Don’t Tell What To Do


They don’t always see the world as colorful. Sometimes they see two types of people. Those who know what their doing and those who don’t know but pretend to know. Sagittarius is upfront about listening and sharing ideas for the best but will not tolerate anyone under their level of intelligence to tell them what to do. Usually, Sagittarius is very intelligent and stands a level above from the most.


Take Your Time


Sagittarius is impatient and wants things done as quick as possible. Time is the most crucial factor for Sagittarius which happens to have tons of it but neglect to put it to good use. Delivering ideas on time is essential, so they seem to be always in a hurry to get these ideas into practice.


Be Original, Be Real


It is hard to see a Sagittarius being unreal. They tend to live a philosophical life which is based on original personality and practical thoughts. Sagittarius may have some financial success, but this does not change their behavior and often become unreal. Sagittarius is known to be the most straightforward sign of the zodiac.

Some say that Sagittarius is slow in perception or understanding. Almost every friend thinks differently. They say that Sagittarius are honest and real. Usually, Sagittarius isn’t too complicated when expressing their thoughts. He or she is real and dare to tell others the truth face to face without the slightest hesitation.

Let Me Read Your Mind


Being able to read other’s mind isn’t it, but Sagittarius is able to accumulate all sort of information and sort of predict what may happen which often seems to be accurate. It takes time of practice and again it takes something else to be able to do so. Sagittarius has the natural instinct of reading people’s moves and is able to foresee next steps. They are intuitive and have a high level of intelligence which allows Sagittarius to improve this technique.


Are You Laughing With My Laughter?


Oh yes, Sagittarius are fun to be with, and yes they can make everyone laughing for a moment with their hilarious laughter. Making others laughing is something but being laughed at is something different, and Sagittarius won’t like it at all. This doesn’t mean they will get mad but will exhibit a serious face to let others know their intentions. Often Sagittarius are known to have loud laughter. They’re not shy about their loud laughter but will not allow anyone to mock with them.


Help When They Can


Sagittarius has a reputation for giving away to those who have nothing or who are in need of help. Selfishness is not part of their personality, so they will hate anyone who thinks only about themselves. If Sagittarius comes across of selfish people, they will try to encourage them to change their attitude and become a better person by helping others not only financially but spiritually too if they can.

He Who Dares Wins


True Sagittarius loves to win and be ahead of the competition no matter what. Sagittarius knows that many challenges aren’t achieved without taking risks so He will dare to risk and try to be victorious. Sagittarius know that taking risks is essential.


Catch Me If You Can


Sagittarius can see a few steps ahead which make him or her very successful in many fields of life. They know very well that to become successful, they must think ahead or at least have a “B and C” plans. Sagittarius is smart to foresee what may happen next based on a fine calculative of certain moves in a given situation. This will help Sagittarius be ahead of the competition.


Bring It On…


Sagittarius has no difficulty solving problems. It is strange, but it may take a moment only to come up with a unique idea possible to solve the problem. Sagittarius tends to be spontaneous about everything and let everyone bewildered with this useful natural ability. These abilities make Sagittarius wanted in the most crucial job roles.


Prove Me If I’m Wrong


Sagittarius is highly intelligent. Very often he or she is seen arguing proving they are right which tend to be most of the time. They come up with arguments based on fact and calculated thoughts instead of random ideas. It’s not possible to hear Sagittarius talk nonsense. They will argue if they know the topic well and will also know what to say otherwise will not interfere to avoid foolishness.

You Are Full Of…


Sagittarius don’t like hearing BS so getting involved in nonsense discussions is very rare. If the nonsense subject is discussed among people, who aren’t as highly intelligent as Sagittarius is then Sagittarius will get involved in the subject telling them about the size of their BS and let them think about it.


Need Some Relaxation


There is nothing better for Sagittarius than being independent and free for some time. Going places for a short/long holiday to relax is a must for Sagittarius. They need to get away from the busy, stressful life which can become irresistible especially if Sagittarius are located in bustling town or cities.


Need A Partner


Finding a partner is very important but finding the right one is best. Sagittarius tend to make moves based on their calculative steps and calculate the probabilities of success finding the right partner. Not a suitable method but this how Sagittarius tends to do things, which is their way or the high way. Well, finding the right partner may not be too tricky for Sagittarius, but they will struggle a little. They are a bit shy sometimes so Sagittarius may ask close friends for ideas or support.

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