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Libra Health Needs Balance

Libra is continuously looking for balance, but should not be confused with their sign icon, the scale. Looking for the perfect health balance can often cause them depression. It’s not beneficial for Libra to fall into depression. Depression causes Libra emotional, sensitive and receptive problems.

Often in moments of tension Libra sees alcohol and drugs as the only way to salvation. Instead, this damages their health even more. Libra health is linked to adrenal, renal, and hormonal imbalances, with bladder disorders, kidney stones, uricemia, nocturnal enuresis, diabetes, water retention, kidney blocks, nephritis, cystitis, diabetes, cellulitis, allergies, ovarian cysts, and problems with the spine, rashes, headaches, or hypertension.

Common Illnesses

Common illness or decreases which may affect Libra are liver, kidney, skin, overweight, lumbar region, adrenals, and vasomotor problems. No matter what the health problem may be Libra tends to be stronger than usual and will fight back. Libra have e great determined to win over any illness or decease.

Usually, these disorders originate from problems of the exchange. Libra will enjoy an excellent health until maturity age. As we know, Libra is an autumn sign so they don’t correspond too well with the climacteric changes.

How Personality Affects Libra’s Health?

Much of Libra’s health is also connected with their personality and lifestyle. Libra’s character is unstable and nervous. Often the excessive desire for harmony makes Libra paralyzed hesitantly and troubled by a tormenting uncertainty.

This type of indecision provokes situations of tension with disorders of the kidneys and bladder. Libra exerts a significant influence on others. He or she knows how to speak at the right moment. Notably, in love, Libra is courteous, sophisticated, and liberal. In marriage he or she tends to endure situations, never knowing what the right thing.

An important factor is that Libra does not reveal their emotions when they’re down physically or mentally. Instead when it comes to total exasperation, they’re able to figure out what to do. Libra has an innate sense of justice, touch, balance and all that is art, aesthetics, beauty, social balance.

A Little Advice For Libra

Libra must develop the ability to face difficult events and self-confidence. In order to increase their health state is a must to avoid smoking and drinking. It is essential to monitor the kidneys as it’s involved in the purification of blood.

Libra should prevent aggressive therapies and replace it with natural treatments. The non-intoxicants and essential serenity are the balance to get a peaceful life. Living life with a more positive mind will improve the functioning of their nervous system. Libra needs constant movement, and therefore it would be good to practice sports.

Taking long walks in the open air is also good but must avoid any sudden changes in temperature. Libra shouldn’t practice too tiring sports such as swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Libra does not behave well in confusion and noise. Therefore, it is good to avoid crowded places. Practicing mental relaxation is a better recommendation as will help Libra to relax and concentrate more on their daily life.

Alternative Ways Of Relaxing

Other ways of relaxing are listening to music or watching favorite movies especially when they are in the company of their family. Reading books on a comfortable couch or somewhere out in the park would also make Libra feel good. Libra finds interest in arts, opera, theater or going to restaurants. Going to museums or cinema are also Libra’s favorite places to go to.

Libra would show an interest also in playing different instruments or at least be in a local band. Even listening to live music in concerts would be in Libra’s interest. Libra knows how to look after themselves until they become older.

Also, Libra knows what type of diet to keep and what food to eat. He or she is too keen on keeping their body healthy. Looking beautiful and healthy make Libra feel better about themselves. Having a healthy body will help Libra’s morale especially when they are close to the opposite sex.


Libra is known for their hard-working experiences, and after a hard day’s work, they will need a good rest. Working long hours deserves an excellent meal with plenty of proteins. Libra is an excellent cook and preparing a healthy meal is a must. Eating healthy food will help Libra recover much quicker from any sort of illness or decease.

Libra would read about alternative ways to treat whatever disease they may have. Alternative treating medicine may be wild herbs maybe already growing in their garden. Also Libra would buy healthy or bio food for their diet. They know that nature has hidden many secrets for alternative cures and Libra would like to learn all about and adapt to alternative medicine.

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