Libra in Love Relationship, Sex and Affair

Libra in love

Libra In Love

Love, love, love and only love. This is how Libra feels when in love with the right partner. Yes, it is true that Libra will love with all heart, but only one partner can have all the love Libra can give. Libra’s love is magical and is full of pleasant surprises. Those born under the sign of Libra love to talk their heart out. Also, they tend to agree with the partner, rather than have conversations that can lead to any sorts of hatred. For Libra, passion can often represent some kind of sexy battle. Under a calm and soft appearance, Libra hides a passion that sometimes can be overwhelming.

Libra’s Qualities In Love

Libra’s best qualities show during their lovemaking stage, exhibiting a romanticism with irresistible tones. Without a doubt, the sign of Libra has a particular preference for the feeling of love, and for that state of disturbance typical of people in love. This sign has a sophisticated spirit, and even the love relationship becomes an expression of his/her deep and refined soul. Libra feels the need to have at his/her side a person with a strong personality, who knows how to understand their needs and who can help them become a better lover.

When Libra Is In Relationship

When Libra in love is involved on an emotional level relationship, he or she will demonstrate an exceptional openness to every type of need expressed by the partner. This type of generous character is fundamental for maintaining stability within their relationship. This is an undeniable sign of their compatibility. Although at the beginning the Libra seems to assume a cold and detached attitude, with time they will reveal the intensity of their feelings.

As a result, within the relationship of love, this role shifts continually from the ruling to the dependent, showing the two sides of the same coin. Also, their sympathetic character pushes them to diplomatically avoid any kind of dispute, preferring to postpone the discussion in the hope of finding a compromise solution.

    • Sees love as the breathing air
    • Wants to enjoy every minute of love
    • Will wait for the right partner
    • Libra be the protector of love

Naturally Romantic

Libra’s romantic nature is common to all the signs that Venus has as a guiding planet. During the initial stages of a love relationship, Libra’s might seem extremely shy and sometimes even detached. Once the valid agreement with the partner is established, Libra will free their romantic and sensual charge. Honesty is essential when dealing with the sign of Libra, a dishonest person cannot in any way win Libra’s trust. Libra is very seductive and is always looking for ways to get more pleasure out of the sexual relationship.

Waiting For The Right Partner

They will wait without a problem until the right partner shows up. The time wait for the right partner is irrelevant compared to what Libra expects from a lover. One thing is for sure that Libra expects to spend the rest of his/her life with one partner only. In their everyday life, Libra will continuously keep looking to find a suitable suitor for their prospective future. The right partner has to be honest, sincere, loyal, intelligent, warm-hearted and open-minded.

Partner must also have good manners, to be polite, to respect Libra and also should not be an egoist but should know how to love and should have a pure heart. These are just the tip of the iceberg because Libra is very demanding and by right they have to be because the level and quality of love Libra will give is worth waiting for.

  • Will support partner in bad days
  • Wants unconditional love
  • Expects loyalty and honesty
  • Partner should have secrets
  • Each must be free to express emotions

Can’t Handle Emotional Demands

Libra’s partner should not make too many emotional demands because Libra will be distanced from a partner. Libra may tell partner once or twice about it but won’t keep repeating the same message all the time; otherwise, this may be a good reason to end the relationship. Before ending a relationship, Libra will make sure to fight and give his/her partner a nasty flavor of what it means giving up on Libra.

Libra will make sure to learn from mistakes done and sooner or later Libra will make sure that another love will flourish again. Also, Libra will show a particular attraction when having a conversation with their partner. Therefore, Libra wants to avoid a provocative conversation at any cost and try to maintain a balanced relationship.

Libra and Sex

Libra enjoys passionate love very much although there is a need for more imagination in bed because Libra is a very sensual and passionate lover. Sex for Libra may not be the main priority because Libra are always trying to focus equally on an ongoing relationship whereas, for other zodiac signs through sex, love and relationship are achieved many desires.

As is generally case with all the Signs of Air, sex is not just a physical matter, but above all a mental issue. Libra is very skilled in bed just like Gemini is. The sign of Libra also has an unerring instinct that allows them to identify what are the needs of others quickly. Libra needs balance and sentimental security to best express their sexual charge. Libra is a lover of foreplay and is an expert in the art of seduction.

Breaking up with Libra

Although Libra’s desire it to make love last forever sometimes things don’t go as expected and there are few why it happens. If a partner fails to be loyal and honest to Libra, then there is no point in going on. Libra doesn’t forgive neither will forget any bad relationships for a long time or until they start on the next journey.

Libra will learn from one experience to another and will make sure not to have the same mistakes repeated again. When Libra is new in a relationship mistakes may happen. Not having a proper balance may be another reason for Libra not succeeding in love. Their partner may take advantages of Libra’s kindness and would try to dominate relationship which is a NO NO for Libra since Libra expects a fair share of love.

What does Libra need?

The ideal partner Libra is the one who can succeed in providing safety. Libra needs a confidant, a counselor and someone who knows how to make Libra feel special at all times. Sometimes a beautiful gift is a strong stimulus for Libra. So, it is essential to understand how to conquer Libra with words. Long discussions with passion and depth could reveal the romantic side of Libra.

Those who show themselves capable of penetrating a spirit as deep as that of Libra will be repaid by a loyal and devoted love. It is also necessary that the person alongside Libra shares the passion of this sign for art and cultural manifestations. Libra, when involved in a serious and passionate relationship, manages to free a sex appeal out of the ordinary.

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