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Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra differences

Despite being opposite signs to each other, both Aries and Libra are part of Cardinal type signs. Indeed, both signs have a strong sense of initiative, but they tend to leave things in half. Apparently, the dominant role is covered by Aries, given his abundance and his aggressiveness, but also Libra, although in a more subtle, makes its influence felt, especially at the intellectual level.

Both signs share many variations and a few similarities between them. Together they look at their life from a different perspective, and this may be a reason that keeps them apart from understanding each other’s point of view.

On the other hand, both signs have few positive sides to look at. One is their relationship which will be more focused on emotional interest. Libra tends to be more with feet on the ground as it is in their nature. Libra will match perfectly fine with Aries who tend to have a vibrant and lively personality.

Getting Along

Both signs can get along very well if they get to terms to agree upon sharing a little from each other. If Aries refuse (as they usually do) to share with Libra part of their time and part of themselves, then life for Aries will face tons of difficulties ahead and then they will understand Libra’s importance in their life.

Each possesses what is lacking in the other, and this gives a strong balance to the relationship. Aries is the sign of individualism, while Libra is that of altruism, Aries is impulsive and unpredictable, Libra is undecided, reasonable and always prudent. A strong sexual attraction unites all signs of opposite polarity, and they are no exception.

Love Between Aries And Libra

Sometimes the life of both signs can turn into hate or love. One way Aries wants to rule and dominate and on the other hand stand Libra who tempts to pull it all their way for one purpose only, to smooth things down with the hope to cool down a fiery Aries.

Aries will be blind to see Libra attempts to salvage the real love they both have dreamed of having. If and when all is lost then Aries will come to senses that something is missing in their life. Sometime it could be too late because heartbroken Libras are hard to forgive.

Lovers In Arms

Sometimes it may happen that due to small misunderstandings their relationship becomes difficult to manage. In this case, the two lovers must understand the reasons that push each partner to a certain direction.

Both signs have the ability to restore the lost balance. In any case, Aries under the influence of Libra can learn to control its aggression; on the contrary, the proximity of a strong personality like Aries can help Libra fight its undecided character. Aries is dominated by the planet Mars, while Libra is from the planet, Venus.

Both signs are faced with a very particular relationship involving the planets of the Passion and that of Love, linked together by a great compatibility, as they represent the two sides of the same coin, respectively the energy of the masculine type and that of the female type.

Need For Each Other

Aries is always in search of new experimental components in life. Both signs seem to always look for something exciting. That something exited appears to have never been found by Aries because they usually get lost and look in the wrong places.

Libra will teach Aries not to waste time looking for something somewhere else because that something could be next to them. Libra will teach Aries to see within them to find the light they seek. Also Libra will teach Aries the importance of others who play an essential role in their life. On the other hand, Aries will teach Libra how to stand up for their right and be free. Aries will teach Libra to express their thought freely without fear or hesitation.

One For Another

Aries will also teach Libra to show strength instead of weakness and how to hold their head up. Aries is a sign of Fire, while Libra is a sign of Air. As the wind feeds the flame, the influence of Aries can have a positive effect on the personal and spiritual growth of Libra. However, because sometimes working together could prove to be more difficult than expected.

The intensity and hasty of Aries could clash against the extremely rational approach of Libra. However, the wide varieties of interests they share are a strong intellectual stimulus, which helps to keep the relationship alive and interesting.

Sharing Experiences

Aries are known as people who like to be on top of everything. They believe that they are the one and only. Though Libra can add an extra piece of the puzzle into Aries way of life. That is to share experiences with one another. Sharing experience for Aries is not natural. They have to adapt if they want to get better in a relationship.

Aries will stick to the idea that their way is the only way. This could draw them back to where they started. Experience sharing will improve Aries relationship with others and will bring harmony and peace among those who surround them. Not to forget that Aries is not well known for cooperativeness and diplomacy. These tools they should learn from Libra as will help them to become stronger in every way.

Who’s The Leader?

Both want to play the role of a leader within the relationship, but if Aries uses force to achieve a goal, Libra uses more sophisticated means using charm and manipulative power. Both need to reach a compromise solution if they want to keep the relationship going. In this case, it will be Libra, much more reasonable than Aries, to step aside.

Libra will leave Aries the field open to the partner’s desire for authority. The strength of the Aries and Libra relationship lies in the harmony that is created between them thanks to the combined influence of Mars and Venus. The perfect balance between the individualism of Aries and the altruism of Libra gives rise to an almost ideal couple, in which everyone has what is missing from the other.


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