Water Signs Compatibility Cancer Scorpio and Pisces

Water Signs Compatibility

The Water Element – The Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The Last Of Four Elements

Finally Water Element is the fourth and last of all element. The Water Signs aren’t so negative but tend to be shy. The Water Signs are the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Those who belong to the Water Signs are compassionate and sympathetic. Their imaginative and passionate lives are deep and rich. To these three signs water indicates logic and rationality towards what one feels. They show sensations, emotions and the ability of instinct.

Helping others is what they inspire. They’re sentimental, dreamers and often idealistic. Water Signs seem predisposed to listen and understand those around them. This makes them the best listeners of all four groups. Those who belong to the Water Signs are very sensitive to various situations and tend to react emotionally in everything that happens around them. But their spontaneous kindness is sometimes countered by strange mood swings or an explosion of susceptibility.

The Water Signs Main Traits.

thoughtful, sensation, intuition, feelings, emotions, unconscious, affectivity, art, beauty, emotionality, a gift of self, generosity, inspiration, faith, mediumship, passivity, sociability, receptivity, softness.

Water has a very high symbolic value. The Water Signs remain synonymous with the vitality of the plant world. Blood flows in their veins, and this what they are made of which is for the most part, by water. Then if the Earth Signs are wet, they will bear fruit. The Water Signs also remain a symbol of purification and healing. The Water Element stays connected to the sense of taste and to the tongue.

Water Signs remain associated with that area of the belly found below the navel. And then to the basin, to the reproductive organs, to the elimination processes, to the kidneys. The Signs of Water correspond to the visceral “moist” aspect of the personality, representing the unconscious which remain related to emotions and feelings. They must, therefore, distance and isolate themselves, to protect themselves from the harsh reality.

Have Power And Influence Over Others.

Definitely, those people who are dominant of water follow the path dictated by their feelings. They are emotional, absorbing and have a tendency to be quiet. Although they appear calm outwardly, in their depth. Clearly, they are shaken by continuous storms. Their sensitivity is excellent as well as vulnerability. They know by instinct that they must protect themselves from external influences.

Because they can become too influential and dependent on others. They are compassionate and love taking care of those in need to the point of sacrificing their needs. However, they need to allow themselves moments of isolation because absorbing much of the suffering of others they must then recharge themselves. Water Signs don’t fit well with the Fire Signs because they have a strong personality. Neither they can match with those the Air Signs because they are too far from “feeling.”

The Water Signs Love

They can be very considerative partners who always try to satisfy their partners. They are generally comfortable in their sensual area which is a little “their” environment. Their instinct pushes them to give a lot in sentimental and emotional level in their games of love even if sometimes they are not very combative. In this case, they show jealousy and possessiveness, often as of lack of confidence in their charm. Water Signs want to create lasting relationships, based on mutual trust.

Cancer – Ruled By The Moon

The sign ruled by the Moon is a cyclothymic dreamer in which the mood changes according to the phases of the Moon. Cancer remains imaginative and hypersensitive and often linked to the past of his/her origins. The sign ruled by the Moon is affectionate, protective, but anxious. Generally, they have an excellent memory and often has connections with the world of early childhood. Cancer shows sensitivity and would react to all motives and often dramatizes everything.

Scorpio – Ruled by Pluto

The sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto is determined, courageous and sometimes aggressive. Their energy, both physical and psychological, make them live with intense emotions. Scorpio has an intuitive behavior and rarely attacks for no reason but instead with a specific purpose. The sign ruled by Pluto is transparent and inspired, willingly ready to use his capacity for seduction. Sometimes those who have strong Scorpio influence are manipulative or compulsive. They tend to be harsh both with themselves and with others.

Pisces – Ruled by Neptune

The sign of Pisces ruled by Neptune is a dreamer with a great imagination and an excellent intuition. Pisces is’ sensitive to the environment that surrounds him and easily enters into empathy with others. He would like to console and heal the whole world. Also, he has a lot of tact and seems disarmed in the face of the difficulties of life. He has difficulty in defining himself, the contours of his personality do not seem clear to him, is a real sponge.

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