Virgo Friendship Compatibility

virgo friendship

Virgo Friendship and Behavior

Virgo friendship has its ups and downs. He/she tends to have only a few friends, but at least they are as Virgo wants them to be. Having friends for Virgo is “either few and right or none and still happy.” Virgo’s friends are well selected out of many. This is because Virgo can’t trust everyone so whoever wants to have Virgo’s the must remain friends for life.

Having fewer friends is better for Virgo because he can’t make them all happy. Virgo wants his friends to have a similar mentality as he has or at least they should be humble and down to earth people. Virgo will ignore and avoid friends who are double-faced, those who shout or argue for nothing, those who criticize without facts and talk nonsense.

Basically, Virgo will need friends who admire, respect and value Virgo for what he/she is. On the other hand, Virgo will share valuable knowledge and will support them with everything they need Virgo will not tolerate friends who want to use or take advantage of Virgo’s kindness.

Positive Factors

Virgo understands his friend’s needs and will come to their aid soon they ask for. Virgo spends some of his free time in obtaining extra information about his friends. Knowing more about his friends is a habit Virgo can’t quit. Virgo loves any pageantry that gives him an outlet for his tightly controlled emotions. Hence he is a delightful companion at these events. Virgo has an exceptional artistic taste and plenty of information on several subjects.

Virgo is not poor, but he does not waste money neither. He is loyal to his friends and will be incredibly kind considering and helpful. Virgo is calm in nature and good listener of good advice from true friends too. Usually, Virgo is always open to accept the kind encouraging words from real friends. Virgo has a good sense of logic and friends admire his capability and often will ask Virgo for advice too.

Negative Factors

Virgo could let his friends down on a few aspects. Virgo doesn’t like going placed where it has a lot of noise. His friends should know that and have to make sure to invite Virgo to go somewhere quiet. Virgo is successful in most businesses and he is good at making money. He doesn’t mind helping friends financially with a considerable amount, but will “make a contract” with friends, and this may not sound good to his friends.

Virgo does this because trust is in great shortage and lending money is not his best trait. Virgo hates it living in a dirty place so his house will look more like a medic clinic. When friends are invited to Virgo’s living place they have to keep it clean and should respect Virgo demands otherwise Virgo will find a way to criticize them. Virgo likes perfection but is not perfect. He may make a mistake here and there but will not accept quite easy if friends tell him face to face where he’s wrong. Only good friends who know Virgo well know how to convince Virgo to admit his mistakes.


  • Takes notes of everything
  • Prefers to have healthy friends
  • Likes to be more intelligent than their friends
  • Likes meeting friends in quiet places
  • Wishes to invite friends for dinner
  • Will analyze and study even their closest friend
  • Will help friends in bad days
  • He’s too tolerant in some cases


  • Doesn’t like it when friends are late for the appointment
  • Can become very critical
  • Hates noisy and crowded palaces
  • Can be annoying when upset about something
  • Will criticize friends complain too much about nothing
  • Doesn’t like waiting too long
  • Hates it being interrupted
  • Will break up with friends who own them money
  • Doesn’t like losing but will learn from
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