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taurus child

Personality Traits & Behavior

Taurus child is adorable, lovable and peaceful. He will give love back if any is given otherwise let him be in his own natural world. Taurus kid may show signs of violence if his surrounding is not safe or if others are trying to change the way he plays. He doesn’t really explode out with anger but eventually, he will if his things are taken from him. Young Taurus shows possessive behavior from time to time. He likes to have a safe play area and sometimes doesn’t want to play with others, so he’d prefer to play alone.

He will refuse to be spoiled and will not accept being the center of attention. At school, he will not only shine as a brilliant student but as a young child who shows persistence, determination, constant studying and progressive steps to perfection. He will be valued regardless of the lengthy time to reach the objective. He may be slow, but surely he will get what he wants.

Caring For Taurus Child

Just like an adult, Taurus child is emotional especially when his safe surrounding is disturbed. He is a good protector of his belongings and doesn’t like being pushed to do something which he doesn’t like. Little Taurus is talented and would prefer to express his thought and ideas in his own way. He will refuse and will even hate anyone who will try to force the way he does things. Give Taurus child space, encouragement and support and everyone will see that he will come up with some good results.

Venus will provide Taurus child will plenty of love, and he will share that love with those who deserve it the most. He likes to play with other group age children to the point where they aren’t seen as a threat. Taurus child connects well with other children who have a similar attitude to him. Taurus child is open and likes sharing stories or early experiences with those he considers good friends. He will be offended if he’s refused to play with others.

He prefers to play in open nature but will not refuse to play indoors either. Taurus love nature and all its living things, so he will provide care and will respect nature all the time. Natural fresh air will do him well in boosting his immune system so trying to take him out in nature as much as possible will help.

Things you need to know about Taurus Child

    • He likes to play in a safe area and will avoid being part of any trouble
    • Will protect what is his
    • He’ll perform well at school although at a slow pace
    • Sometimes it is his way or no other way
    • Doesn’t have sudden outbursts of fury until he’s bothered
    • He is a lovable and calm child
    • Doesn’t make a mess at home, instead will help with chores
    • Won’t give up until he gets what he wants
    • He likes being loved but will refuse to be spoiled

What To Teach Taurus Child?

Taurus child is sweet and down to earth. His soft voice will impress even his parents; therefore, this should be an indication for them to see any new talents which Taurus child may have. He could turn into a great musician if lessons are taken at an early age. His voice is sweet and angelic for most that have the chance to hear his hidden talent.

While at school he should be more directed to explore his inner talents. He will show more interest in artwork such as painting, drawing, sculpturing, carving, etc. Parents should know that their Taurus child has a hidden artistic talent and should at least let him express himself. If they spot something, parents should consider taking him for a few lessons.

Typical Behavior

The little Taurus is the ideal child, for the happiness of parents. He is a child capable of great tenderness, cuddles, affectionate manifestations and possessions. He is sweet and seeks emotional tranquility. Young Taurus often does not bring out his aggression and tries to adapt to the rules of the environment and parents. He’s therefore naturally led to having a positive relationship with the family. Taurus’ child parents must not forget that he is also stubborn. Parents don’t need to correct him or punish it when it is wrong.

Parents should remember that it is essential to take into account his need for logical and convincing explanations. His approach to things and his kind of intelligence are slow. Usually, Taurus kid requires a long time to understand the information given. On the other hand, his intelligence is full of good sense and serenity of judgment.

Taurus Child Isn’t Strange

Parents must also remember that the existential purposes of Taurus kids are practicality and accuracy. Taurus child often has artistic capabilities that can be channeled into the study of an instrument or into singing. He loves nature and being outdoors, but he is not an oddball. He likes to admire the beauty that surrounds him (like the earth, the animals and the plants) and enjoy them as much as possible. Taurus has an all-around entertaining character. He loves to enjoy life and also has a keen ability towards food and everything that pleases him.

Parents should be aware because Taurus child tends to be jealous and possessive. Taurus child is very attached to his habits and his things. Often he’ll slowly lend his games to his friends, despite being a good and friendly. Parents should try to embrace the instinct of possession and make use of his kind heart.

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