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Pisces woman

Attractive Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is beautiful, provocative and sexy, and her gaze is unforgettable. Made of charm and a trace of childhood, in addition to a body made for dance and movement. Therefore she knows how to seduce men, leaving them breathless. She is a passionate woman who will make man’s head spin. She can fall madly in love with someone and suddenly end a story with a wrong gesture or an evasive answer. Love for her is a cosmic fusion, and eroticism is a language of the body as of the soul. She is never alone, but always with the man of her life. Her life changes often depending on her moods.

The Pisces Woman Behavior

The Pisces woman together with the Cancer woman is among the most emotional and romantic signs of the Zodiac. Pisces woman has sweet, melancholic and dreaming eyes give the impression of being elsewhere. Pisces woman is more utopian than Aquarius woman is. She may appear like a child who has never grown up and who is full of fantasy, capricious and very unpredictable. Uncertainty in Pisces woman can be noticed easily. From her complicated and changing nature. Pisces woman is versatile and very sensitive to outside influences.

Sensitive Romantic Woman

Pisces woman will float in a romantic, magical and imaginative universe in which she can give herself. She will be able to love in silence, without arousing the slightest suspicion in the man of her desires. She seems to be gifted with great intuition and extreme sensitivity. A particularity of the Pisces woman is that she genuinely feels the emotions of those around her.

Shy and difficult she may appear to others. Often she displays a sensitive and extremely sentimental character. Clearly Pisces is surprising and tormented lover. She can be both a heart-breaker and reserved lover, perhaps for fear of committing herself.

Is She The Perfect Housewife?

She is not a great housewife if she hasn’t got a decent financial backup. Pisces woman will have a babysitter, a cleaning lady, etc. She is a woman who likes to shine and be admired. She likes entertainment and everyone will find her at the theater or at the cinema. Pisces woman also knows how to treat others in an original way, she can be a hypnotist or a radiotherapist. She has good selling skills in any field thanks to her enormous persuasion.

Typical Pisces Woman Love

Pisces woman love is experienced as an essential moment of her existence, in which she is able to express the best part of herself. Her importance counts a lot, especially that of her partner which turns out to be quite necessary for her character stability. In fact, one of the components of the sign is her changeability. Sometimes she’s positive, which brings out her creativity and sometimes she’s negative which generates situations of uncertainty, such as indecision, the tendency to lie or to search for eternally stronger sensations, through transgression.

What Is Love For Pisces Woman?

For Pisces woman, to love is to experience absolute sensations without half measures. This is why she’s capable of having great feelings but also great tragedies if there were problems or obstacles to her love. To better understand her effective behavior is described in her sign symbol representing her as the perfect way to define love.

Two Pisces bound together but running in opposite directions. The “thread” that unites her corresponds to the tendency to depend on others or the partner, as well as a particular inclination to let oneself be taken by sensations and vices. Pisces swim in two different directions symbolically expressing the contradictions typical of her character.

Life Without A Real Love

A life without love doesn’t make any sense to a Pisces woman. Happiness is measured by the presence of romance, fancy dinners or night walks on the beach. Faithful but inconstant, she falls madly in love and can leave without warning. Each time it could be the man or woman of life, but considering that the life of a Pisces is as fickle as the moon.

The Sexuality Of Pisces Woman

The main components of Pisces woman sexuality are passion, eroticism and a bit of transgression. Sex is an essential part of love although it is often experienced as a “hidden” experience, outside of established bonds. Pisces woman is not unfaithful by nature. Some may say that by nature she needs continuous changes.

In case she doesn’t find the partner, she will go and look elsewhere. It seems strange, but she remains faithful only when the partner keeps her in continuous emotional tension, even in conditions of obvious submission or, she can be the “betrayed,” those who wait at home with moving dignity a partner in the mood for adventures.

How To Win A Pisces Woman?

It is unquestionably sure that to capture a Pisces woman, anyone needs a good bait, and the best is to create a magical and unusual atmosphere. Therefore, choosing the adequate place where to meet with the highest care. The candidate for love must look for a romantic, exciting place where there is peace and definitely some privacy. A cottage, hut or a cabin in the high mountains, on the moonlit beach, near a cliff overlooking the sea or, more simply, just a lighted evening fountain would do.

The Pisces Woman In Bed

She is the realm of imagination. Sex becomes an expression of its erotic fantasies. So much is the emotional involvement and suffering so her sexuality will express itself better. It is good, however, not to be deceived by her apparent passivity. It is very good at playing with emotionality, able to create that tension very similar to fear, to let go, a moment later, in tears, in the arms of a man who comforts her. Sensual and languid in nature, she links sexuality to the idea of being possessed and lives it in a complicated and problematic way.

The Pisces Woman And Marriage

She wants to be the useful catch of his companion, devout and helpful, in exchange, she demands his unconditional love. Best for her would be to find a man who has such an economic position. He should devote much of his time to stand by her to support her, comfort her and help her. Otherwise, it may happen that she is sharing her husband’s business so as not to feel alone and useless. In the end, however, it is easier to remedy this need for companionship, through motherhood, carrying on the children that emotional charge that the husband is not able to completely satisfy.

Make Love The Primary Purpose In Life

Very sensual, sometimes even very beautiful, she lives her existence as a function of feelings. There are women born under this sign that has made love the primary purpose of their life. Often not always finding equally generous and available partners. The reason is that of the emotional instability to which she is subjected.

She can be both an “eater” of men as well as a woman who attempts a single ideal of tormented love for the rest of her life. Her passion is an incredible story marked with cracks and reconciliations because of the intense and overwhelming emotions created with that magical atmosphere that she likes. Undoubtedly, she acquires greater self-confidence, wanting to manage to find a greater balance in her life.

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