Pisces Man Personality And Social Behavior

Pisces Man

Pisces Man Behavior

Pisces man is hypersensitive and incredibly emotional and motivated, compassionate and generous person. He’d be ready to be moved by the suffering of others, to run and rescue the slightest request for help. Pisces man is the sign of water who needs emotions to survive. Neptune, the god of the sea, is the symbol of mystery, of continuous metamorphosis, of the ocean where treasures and monsters are hidden, recalling the depths of the unconscious, which gives Pisces his immense, boundless, vibrant sensibility that captures every slight distinction, which profoundly grasps the mood of others.

Scanning Others Personality

Pisces man usually has preconception thoughts about other people. This doesn’t make him wrong because he is merely trying to scan other people before he gets to know them. Usually, he does it to prevent being hurt by people he doesn’t know. Pisces man is a multi-skilled person who can do many things. He’s hands-on for many things in life. Pisces tends to keep an active life and would even be part of related groups similar to his character or could also be part of a large community who serve to help others from different social or family problems.

Won’t Accept Humiliation

Pisces man hates when others try to fool him. He will react if anyone is trying to take him for a fool. Pisces would give them a lesson by insulting them badly in public. Pisces is brilliant and doesn’t like showing off. Although he has many abilities to do things, still he tries to be cool. Pisces man tries to be secretive. His hidden character is noted more when he’s meeting with people who know him little. Pisces man friends are more aware of his secretive life and tend not to ask him too much as they know that Pisces man would not release anything secretive that may hurt him.

Ambitious Pisces

Pisces isn’t too ambitious and doesn’t fight to get first. Pisces man is the sort of person who can do many things but doesn’t have an overwhelming desire for ambition or fortune. The only form of wealth he needs most in life is peace for all humans because he usually seems to believe in the utopia where everyone lives peacefully together. Though if any opportunity is presented he will not say no but will take it gladly.

Pisces Love

Pisces man isn’t too jealous. He knows how to win hearts. Pisces knows how to treat his partner and will take her to parties, traveling, and fancy restaurants and anywhere else Pisces thinks is beautiful enough to make partner happy. Surprises are included because to him this is the most essential part of making his partner feel happy. After all, Pisces doesn’t have to be jealous of his partner because he knows that his partner will love him truly for what he is. Pisces man loves the mystery, the inaccurate enigmatic situations, without hope also.

    • Seems to believe blindly
    • Not too ambitious
    • Believes more in luck instead of his abilities
    • He’s a very talented man
    • Able to handle many tasks at once
    • Romance is also essential for his life
    • Hates it when fooled

Needs To Feel Real Love

Pisces male needs to feel love continually. It helps him create an unforgettable, yet false, love stories. He wants total involvement, full sharing of the most intimate emotions. His fidelity is so often temporary. Pisces man is too romantic to be true. Either partner male or female will find Pisces man very passionate because they will discover someone with rare qualities, like being generous, sweet-hearten, thoughtful, adorable, and modest. The most delightful part of romantic Pisces is that he knows how to listen to others and will not interrupt until his turn comes.

Pisces Appearance

Typical Pisces male has a flawed position of the limbs compared to other Pisces group who tent to have a more upright body standing. His bone structure is sturdy and heavy but the way Pisces man walk looks like pondering although he doesn’t usually have a big body. His medium size body gives him the ability to walk lightly without using maximum tension on his big feet.

Pisces man legs are typically bow shaped maybe due to the massive bone structure he has. His body seems awkward when in movement. It looks more like a fish using its tail to move forth from left to right. His shoulders aren’t too big or full but slightly medium and more round than square. Pisces man is physically elegant and very attractive to the female.

He tends to keep up his chin and walk gently with a smooth pace. Pisces doesn’t have a considerable body usually he is more of medium sized but with robust bone structure. Usually, Pisces doesn’t like to show off, but he intends to show his appearance as a way to get others attention.

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