Pisces in Love Relationship, Sex and Affair

pisces in love

Do You Know Pisces Well?

Pisces have their own world and won’t let anyone get in too easily. It is a world they’ve build throughout the years of failed love and beautiful experiences. However, if they decide to allow anyone into that space then the lucky one could be someone very special and must treat that space with love and respect.

Pisces are shy by nature and like to be left alone most of the time. If you find a Pisces who is  talkative and comfortable when he or are in love. This trait of theirs sometimes gives the wrong signal to the people out there. But, to partner with Pisces, share common ground or be on the same page with them on an important issue. Fake emotions are not their cup of tea. They will come out right away if you ask them directly how they feel about you. Pisces seek emotional support and, once received from someone, they will be ready to respond.

A Typical Pisces In Love

Pisces is the most known romantic sign of the zodiac. Typical Pisces are very talkative when they feel comfortable. Usually, Pisces are very spontaneous when making love gestures. They react naturally without complicating the situation. Their manners are top of the line making partner feeling better every minute when they’re together. There are no gray areas in their love.

They are capable of coloring every moment making their partner blushing each moment. Pisces are intelligent and are able to pick up negative vibes when the partner is not feeling happy for some reason. Pisces can adapt to critical situations and would think for a decent way to behave without annoying their partner.

Love According To Pisces

For Pisces, the couple idea presents itself as one. They are made to live relationships as a purpose of being loved. Not surprisingly, it happens that after a certain number of years spent together with that person, they may have assumed the typical behaviors of the same and have transformed their character according to the needs of the partner. In the eyes of a Fixed Sign, like Aquarius, for example, it may seem a bit ridiculous if not absurd.

For Pisces, the transformation and the spirit of adaptation is the only anchor of salvation when the situations are not as they expect them to be. If luckily, they’d find those who can understand their quest for security without taking advantage of their good heart, then they can be pleased and have just as much happiness with grand gestures of altruism and generosity.

Love Makes Them Stronger

When in love Pisces feel safer and mentally stronger. Love gives Pisces reason to live a better happy life with the right partner. Pisces weakness in love is that they can get blind or deceived forgetting about the real nature of love that one day this same love may not be as they always thought to be. Pisces usually expect more than they bargain. Sometime lover is unable to provide all Pisces’ demands so some criticism may be thrown at them. On the other hand, Pisces doesn’t like receiving much criticism from their lover.

Don’t Cheat Pisces

Sometimes, they feel, better than other signs. Therefore any infidelity, just a gesture, a look out of place and do not miss the opportunity of a scene of jealousy that the partner can not easily forget. It is evident that “jealousy” is not a positive aspect of love. Pisces in love, on the other hand, uses it as a means of showing the partner their interest and a measure of their feelings. Unaware of the anxiety they create, they come to experience a subtle pleasure and enormous satisfaction through the dramas of jealousy!

Pisces In Love And Sex

There is something mysterious about Pisces on how they try to attract a partner. The truth is that they don’t put in a lot of effort to seduce their partner. Usually, Pisces would try very little to seduce their partner giving the impression of trying to. Pisces prefer to be open and show the positive side of their character. Pisces doesn’t plan or think ahead how to make love to their partner. Making love comes in the most natural way possible. Pisces partner will enjoy every moment spent. Unplanned sex is slightly typical for Pisces. Being spontaneous is a natural habit so partner will feel thoroughly pleased.

A Good Sexual Life

Pisces would want a partner to aspire for good sex and interact with passion without reserves, be open and let his/her mind and body free. Pisces prefer a partner to come halfway then they would perform the rest. Partners who appear and act cold in love and who have little desire for sex will not get the full pleasure from Pisces because Pisces will demand their partner to be more active. Usually, Pisces won’t stay too long with partners who are cold in love and don’t have enough desire for sexual relationship. This will trigger Pisces to look for a new partner who is able to stand their sexual demands.

How To Marry A Pisces In Love?

The great ideas and great promises suddenly fade when they come to touch the reality of everyday life, also made of problems and difficulties. Grafted into the reality of marriage, they will have to find a balance, buy schedules and more regular habits if they do not want their partner to get tired of their discontinuity. Marriage is a trauma to which they can not always react with due calm and firmness.

Family Management

They are also discouraged by the dullest problems of family management. It is to be hoped that they have to do with who their spiritual and material guidance can be. At least for the first years of marriage fortunately, with the passing of time put aside the anxieties and uncertainties, typical of Neptune’s dominion over their psyche, and finally show the best part of their character, the most practical and sociable one, which generally manifests itself around forty years, under the beneficial influences of the planet Jupiter. In this occasion the expression “better late than never!” fits better for the couple.

The End Of An Affair For Pisces In Love

If the couple wants this love to last forever, they will have to enter into the real world of cooperating and integrating into each other’s dreams and fantasies. Pisces must rely on intuition if they have any, but if there is none, then they’d have to improvise. They must take care of the practical duties of living together. They must manage to pay the debts and the bills. Also must be open and should exchange ideas on how to save money and create budgets.

Deeply Connected With Their Lover

In a relationship, Pisces are like the bees moving from one flower to the next. Any slight loose of interest, discontent or not enough love from their partner it would trigger the reason to end one relationship and start another one. The truth is that Pisces in love doesn’t want to abandon the person they truly loved just like that. Pisces must have had a real and strong feeling for their lover. However, somewhere along the way, things didn’t go as planned in the first place. Pisces’ partner would not want to break up neither because Pisces will persist to remain together.

Reason To Break Up

Another truth is that Pisces in love will try to make a relationship work. They will try to settle any disputed between them unless their partner. Also, they are willing to come halfway. If a partner refuses to go halfway, then this would also be a reason to break up. When the fractures of the relationship start Pisces’ love will start fading away and naturally will begin looking for a new better relationship. Usually, Pisces can sense the stormy days coming their way; therefore, they tend to have one relationship on the pocket before they finally break up from the existing lover.

Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship usually is not that difficult for Pisces. Pisces in love would try to walk out of love heads up knowing they wanted to make it happen. Pisces is not cold at all about lost love. The one good thing they tend to do after breaking up is to leave open doors with ex-partner with the hope to remain close friends. It is a Pisces good spirit who doesn’t have bad intentions when breaking up. Sometimes it helps in getting back together sometimes not. When and it happens, Pisces would label it as a bad experience and hopefully could help both learn something out of it.

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