Interesting Pisces Child Behavior

Little Pisces child

Intelligent Pisces Child

Pisces child is smart and intelligent, but he always tries to avoid showing off in front of other children. Pisces child is endowed with remarkable creativity that pushes him to create a fantastic, irrational world, full of suggestions and ideas. The intelligence of little Pisces is based more on intuition and precision than on logic.

Like a sponge, he stores everything he sees or has interest on. He is able to select, elaborate and finally make personal ideas and concepts absorbed here and there. Order and accuracy have little to do with Pisces child who finds interest in the creative and artistic sphere. Now, precisely because of this the Pisces child is discontinuous and disorganized. This is typically observed when he’s at school.

Hides Behind The Scenes

He tries to avoid being in the limelight and usually holds back and avoid interfering with others. His teachers can spot his intelligence and will always advise him to express himself because Pisces child has a hidden character. For his own good parents and especially teachers should not force Pisces child to speak up.

Both teachers and parents should let him be free, and when the moment is right, they should nicely tell him to anticipate school activities more often. While at school Pisces child will want to show his creative abilities. Sometimes he appears weird, but this is his natural behavior. When Pisces child is faced with situations of being abused, parents or teachers should interfere and prevent any further damage to his personality.

Pisces Child Needs

Young Pisces needs to stay close to his parents. Parents must become his beacon of light. Young Pisces will depend on his parents sincere and honest advice. Pisces child is a good listener and will accept everything told. No lies or nonsense advice because that will be what he will remember. Pisces child tends to be very connected with his parents emotionally and physically. His parents must use this to their advantage to understand what Pisces needs. This can be done by asking them nicely and quietly.

Must Be Allowed To Express…

Young Pisces doesn’t express himself about his inner feelings so his parents must remember this and try to find alternative ways to better connect with their Pisces child. He tends to be happy as long as he has a mutual understating with everyone. His happiness also depends on his parent’s relationship because if there are arguments between both them, it will harm Pisces child. Pisces kid can record everything happening in life so the more happy moments, the better for his future.

      • Will let his imagination run free
      • Believes in Santa Claus, Pitter Pan, and other fairy tale characters
      • Won’t show off his intelligence at school
      • Must distinguish the real world from fantasy
      • Hates it when asked personal questions
      • Won’t answer personal questions
      • Doesn’t like being forced to do things he doesn’t like
      • Wants to participate in school activities

What To Teach Pisces Child?

The first thing that should be taught to Pisces kid is to help him to distinguish the reality from the fantasy. Little Pisces kid can’t live without his imaginary world so balancing the world of both is what he should do. The imaginary world is part of who he is and who he will be. His imaginary world most of the time will be an advantage for him when as growing up. From an early age, Pisces child will prove to others that he is generous and kind.

Volunteering in helping or joining different school activities will benefit both him and his community. Assisting others in social matters should be considered as a right moment for Pisces. This could help him to reveal who he really is. Parents or teachers must teach Pisces kid to respect others. They should also teach him to be careful not to trust everyone in his life. Young Pisces grows stronger when left free to express their mind.

  • Has difficulty distinguishing the real world from fantasy
  • Has a great memory
  • Will prove he is generous and kind
  • Doesn’t like being hurt emotionally
  • Will attend school community activities
  • Likes his parents’ presence
  • Wants to communicate more often with his parents
  • Will ask tons of questions, some from his fantasy world
  • Is happy as long as his parents are
  • Will be upset and worried if he sees parents argue

Parental Should Try…

Preferably Pisces parents must try to strengthen the logical faculties. Parents must find the will to try to teach him a more concrete and rational approach to life. The affection of little Pisces is very interesting. His need to give and receive love is immeasurable. Pisces child likes the fresh air so parents must not forget to take to them out. Any form of trip would do good for young Pisces.

His parents should use a firm sweetness, so he obtains the tools to strengthen his somewhat insecure character and to become friendlier and open to the world. Also, parents must be careful not to be too overprotective. This would not help him out of his shell to improve his tendency to laziness. He is a lovable child, tender and affectionate. At times, he would be said a bit tricky because intuitively he knows or senses how to break, in the heart of those around him and knows how to be forgiven when he combines some little jokes.

      • He is sweet and adorable young little kid
      • Will listen to parents advice
      • Wants to prove his intelligence to others without showing-off
      • Will invent new games while playing with friends
      • Will play unless the game has some rules to follow
      • Hates it when other children play unfairly
      • Tends to live in a fantasy world

Bringing Up Pisces Child

Pisces child likes to stay ahead of other children. Triumphing over them seems to be the most necessary thing proving he is smarter than most of them. Pisces child most of the time tends to live in a fantasy Pitter Pan-like world. No wonder why Pitter Pan is his favorite fantasy movie let alone Santa Clause and other magical fairy tale movies.

Pisces child is interested in playing brainy games. Usually, most of the games invented are based on his great fantasy and seems to be liked by the other children also. When Pisces child is playing with the other children, he wants the game to be perfectly organized and also wants the other children to play fair otherwise Pisces child will be upset and maybe react strangely.

When Around Different Group Ages

He is a very tender, sensitive, emotional child. He begins to dream up from the early childhood throughout his life. Pisces child doesn’t mind playing on his own especially when he’s left alone at home. His orderliness will be noticeable and clearly visible. Pisces child enjoys the company of older people usually asking them unusual questions mostly based on his fantasy.

The questions must be honestly answered otherwise if answered wrong then that is what Pisces child will remember knowing that he has an excellent memory. True but strange Pisces child seems to have the psychic ability to sense that something is about to happen sometimes described as intuition. This doesn’t make him a magician nor is the need to be scared because it is merely a game of his fantasy.

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