Mercury Planet Of Gemini And Virgo Sign

Mercury Planet Of Gemini And Virgo Sign

Gemini Ruling Mercury Planet

The Symbol of Mercury Planet

In astrology the symbol that identifies the planet Mercury planet is a sign that derives from alchemy. The symbol of Mercury Planet is composed of a half moon. The half mood opens upwards indicating a sign of receptivity reminiscent of the moon. These attributes are entirely in line with the characteristics of Mercury Planet and its personality. Hence it is the planet of openness, new ideas, quick messages, and intelligence. On the astrological level, Mercury governs the sign of Gemini, usually indicating tremendous thinkers and skillful inventors, connecting to the sign of the half moon which also suggests the importance of free thought. The sign of Gemini is the main zodiacal sign, followed by the sign of the Virgo, a sign of earth that makes the ideas derived from the planet Mercury factual.

The Mercurial Free Thoughts

Free thoughts pass through the half moon and arrives in the belly of the Mercurial symbol where we find a perfect circle. At this point ideas pass a gestation period as if they were in the womb. The circle is a universal symbol for the Earth as well as that of the Sun, tells us to express rational, logical or accurate concepts. At this point comes in the sign of the Virgo. The sign of Virgo is more in tune with the Earth Element and therefore skilled personalized ideas that have been born from the detailed part of Mercury. Without the sign of the Virgo, the thoughts could not be realized. They would remain only the whispering of the mind. The symbol of Mercury ends with the cross with the same arms or an equilateral cross. This indicates that thoughts have revealed themselves in the material world.

The Classical Mythology

Looking in classical mythology, we can find clues on the personality such as in the symbology. This is linked to ancient Rome with the god Hermes. In Greek, we can find the symbol of the Caduceus with the winged helmet or the winged sandals. In the same god, we find traits of balance and wisdom, movement or travel and creative flexibility. Mercury is also known as a god of thieves. Therefore, given the hand skill and speed that they must possess for their “job”. This leads to thinking that the proverb merchant thief is not an invention of today. Mercury is also known to be the planes messengers. It was said that by acting between humans and the Gods carrying their requests and messages, in both directions. According to them, the message should fly fast and for this, its represented with sandals and wing element indicating the speed of knowledge. Mercury is not only rapid in ancient mythology but it turns out to be also in reality, being the planet closest to the Sun, it has a short revolution time.

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