LIBRA MAN IN BED 12 things you wish you knew about him

Libra Man In bed

In the field of erotic fantasies, the Libra man has to remove the “hard” side, which is too extreme for his tastes. Sexuality is grown in an atmosphere of sweetness, tenderness, and trust. However, with all this submissiveness, he dreams of being able to dominate his partner with a note of sadism! And who would have thought that ?!

An internal contrast is created between the Venusian impulses and the rigor of Saturn. 

Answering just the BIG QUESTION “How Does Libra Man Perform In Bed” won’t tell us much. Libra man has to offer more than you think

We will try to answer more questions (look at the Table Of Content below) and what Libra man does beyond the sexual part.

Is Libra man in bed and love the same?

Imagine the act of love as a ritual made up of harmonic gestures where everything happens with extreme sweetness, without annoying forcing. It is to be imagined that in this painting also the eye wants the part of him, so he usually makes love in a magical and very refined atmosphere! In this beautiful context, he develops attitudes in stark contrast to the instinctive brutality of man. 

He is a caring lover, sensitive, and concerned with satisfying her more than himself. If you move forward, he will think of doing the same! For this, he has a decidedly feminine behavior. 

When Libra Man In bed is in good mood, he understands women better than anyone else!

How does the Libra man live his sexual life?

Libra is a sign that intends sexuality as an expression of feelings and which, for this reason, will never detach sex from affection. Oddly, the manifestations of sexuality are somewhat complicated and convoluted. 

Deep in his mind, there are the most secret fantasies. It is no coincidence that our Libra man in love reads books and romance novels. 

He has sexual impulses that he would not even want to confess to himself. But he keeps everything private and well-hidden. 

Indeed, he shows a straightforward air that doesn’t let anything of this aspect of his character shine through. 

How to get his attention?

There are ways to get Libra man’s attention, however, just one method seems to be the most useful one. 

Do things that even he wouldn’t dare to do. Challenge him!

You don’t need to win the ski world cup … but that’s about it… More simply, you can make fun with Libra men publicly by saying out loud that the woman of his dreams is you. Know how to get on his side. He will certainly take up the challenge! … to prove you wrong! Or solemnly declare that marriage is the tomb of love … a heresy for him, who will immediately want to convince you otherwise! If one of these methods has not been successful, go for the (ignoble) system of simply saying to him: Excuse me … but I forgot what it’s called!

How does the Libra man behave in a couple?

He has a strong sense and knows well what it is like being with a woman. His ability to perceive feminine needs makes women adore him. He is sweet and persuasive, and he succeeds where others have failed because he can understand how he can make himself more seductive! 

It is no coincidence that he is considered a Casanova! 

In the courtship phase, he gives his absolute best. He is sentimental, romantic, caring, and kind. He surrounds the woman with the attentions of Prince Charming. Libra man does not miss anything, does not raise his voice, and does not get impatient. What more do you want?

How to marry a Libra man?

For those who belong to the sign of Libra, marriage represents the crown of the dream of love. Finally, the specter of loneliness is over. With the marriage on the way, he feels completely fulfilled. 

Through the marriage bond, he achieves tranquility but, unlike other signs, he will avoid neglecting himself. 

If you are planning to marry a Libra, know that there is nothing more pleasant than living with a native of the sign. It will never impose anything on you. Libra prefers to adapt to the rhythms of the partner rather than vice versa. 

Much will be done to ensure that the union is harmonious and balanced. He will be nice to everyone. Thanks to his incredible diplomacy, he will be able to stand up to even the most intrusive neighbors!

Who should Libra Marry?

Once married, Libra man keeps the behavior he had during the engagement. He will be kind and thoughtful as always. He knows how to adapt because he gets the greatest satisfaction from pleasing his woman.

He seeks family and some harmony. 

He devotes most of his time to his partner and does not neglect to provide her with amusement and distractions. He is the one who sends his wife on vacation with all possible comforts, even the babysitter below!

He has active participation in the management of the house. Even as a parent he does not deny his nature, and he makes himself appreciated by his children for his affectionate and non-invasive presence. Perhaps with them missing a bit ‘of pulse …!

How to “keep” the Libra man?

The Libra man is a balanced person, who knows how to enjoy life in all aspects of him and who desires emotional tranquility. It, therefore, seems clear that the secret to staying together consists of making things as simple as possible, never “torturing” him, not assuming aggressive attitudes. 

Speak to him in a low voice, be kind and caring, just like he is, and show affection for any children you decide to bring into the world when you have achieved a good balance as a couple. Also follow the suggestions below, which you can implement if necessary.

  • Show your affection regularly: he is a feminine man who is waiting for your attention!
  • Give him some gifts: on anniversaries it is imperative, but also a surprise!
  • Go to the antique markets with him: he has a great taste for antique furniture.
  • Avoid deceiving him … or at least make sure he doesn’t know anything about it!
  • Do not neglect yourself physically: for him, the external aspect counts as much as the spiritual one!
  • Don’t argue too much: arguments with him won’t help … because generally, he goes away, letting you talk to the wall!
  • Be loving towards his children … but also very determined. He is a rather permissive father!

How is Libra in couple relationships?

Libra man is friendly by nature but can get horrified by all events that can disturb his search for harmony: disputes, quarrels, and violence, which are acts that can deeply upset him. Saturn exaltation in sign makes Libra man primarily predisposed for seriousness. Long-lasting, marriage-oriented relationships are his main focus. If this goal is not part of your plans, better change your sign.

Is Libra man jealous?

Libra man considers jealousy to be a regrettable feeling to which he will never submit! Any woman interested in Libra man should not ignore that she will be faced with a duality of the sign that does not make it completely immune to jealousy. 

A serious disappointment could be fatal more than making scenes or tragedies, faced with the deception of the partner, which he could freeze and end up in a depressive and unhappy state. For his innate sense of justice, he will do whatever is lawful to redeem the wrong he has suffered, with a coldness that would be the envy of a Capricorn!

How the Libra man behaves in love?

Without a doubt, Libra is the sign of marriage and associations. Libra man lives in the function of love, and above all in the function of the partner. His constant search for balance leads him to consider both sides of the coin, making him rather uncertain and hesitant in choosing. 

The domicile of Venus in the sign transforms love into an absolute, vital need, like the air they breathe! Libra man needs to please others and puts them in a position to stay together for years, even with those who are not necessarily for them. 

Will Libra man look for another love?

All difficulties seem ignored, and the disappointments remain extinguished with the effect of making him fall into depression whenever something happens on the sentimental level. In this field, the Libra man does not know the meaning of irony. 

The most challenging period ends when he manages to find another love on which to pour his thoughts. So, he replaces the ungrateful partner with a new one to whom they reserve all the affection and tenderness he has accumulated. Some might think that he is light. Instead, he isn’t as he dislikes emotional loneliness.

How does the Libra man behave with other people?

The attention and care that Libra men reserve for their partner, before and after marriage, remain unchanged. This attention is usually attached to his lovemaking, which lasts a lifetime for him. Libra man, possibly with Venus in his sign, is deeply sentimental, unable to live parallel relationships. 

He feels such an aversion to the loneliness that he often comes to idealize his partner. And he idealizes it even if he doesn’t correspond to his real needs, staying with her even when there are enormous misunderstandings. 

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