Gender Signs And The True Meaning

Gender Signs And Meanings

Gender Signs And Meaning

When interpreting your Horoscope, you need to pay close attention to the terminology that is used, especially when it comes to feminine or masculine qualities of the soul. In every woman there is a masculine side just as in every man there is a feminine side. With the study of Polarity, we can investigate the nature of each Zodiac Sign, surprising ourselves in the discovery of new symbologies that we have never taken into consideration.

Mars Sign Is The Male Symbol

Male gender sign stays associated with Mars (with the Lance or shield) and the Female with Venus (presented with the Mirror). Clearly we have seen the Gender Signs and Meanings in ancient Greek papyrus of astronomical subject and in ancient iconography.

Furthermore, the use of these gender signs is to indicate the male and female gender dating back at least to the Renaissance days. Western astronomical symbols have a very long tradition. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries these signs seem clearly widespread in astrology and the mass. Without a doubt their use nowadays stands against by the International Astronomical Union.

Despite the hard times, both gender signs will continue to be widespread in astrology in times to come. Also, people and many astrologers will use the symbols of the planets next to those of the zodiacal signs. Hence stopping these Gender Signs from seeing the light seems unstoppable.

Symbol Origin

The symbols adopted for the planets recall the gods of the ancient Greek and Roman religion. Clearly, both planets were associated already in ancient times and people where already familiar. In addition the first astronomers of Mesopotamia had some knowledge with the planet Mars.

At some point they mistakenly thought it was a star of their God of Fire and War, probably due to its red color. The symbol of Venus, on the other hand, would be described as the compact mirror of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. In ancient times, small circular mirrors with a handle made of polished metal were very common.

The Meaning Of Female Symbol

The female symbol seem designed with a circle supported on a cross. This symbol represents a static element linked to the past which brings it back to the present day by conditioning it. In the symbol the strength of the feminine is described for the essence and sacrifice. Also with the aim of favoring the birth, growth or improvement of someone or something.

Clearly, this represents the cross at the bottom of the symbol when it is contextualized by the strength of the feminine. In the astral sphere, the same symbol is described with the planet Venus. Moreover for the Greek-Roman tradition Venue remains the planet dedicated to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite.

Often used as a typical expression of the feminine with related aspects such as seduction and the perception of material reality through emotional feeling.

The Meaning Of Male Symbol

The male symbol, on the other hand, rests represented by the circle that “generates and throws” an arrow to the right. The masculine symbol represents dynamic motion. Not to forget the energy that constitutes the present with the intent to improve the future. This is why the arrow is pointing to the right because for those born in the West the right represents the future and the left in the past.

From The Sexual Point Of View

From the sexual point of view the arrow also represents the male phallus and the sperm. Indeed a dynamic element during the sexual act, which contains the maximum masculine energy. Clearly with the ability to fertilize the feminine and create a new life. In the astral sphere, the same symbol represents the planet Mars God of War both for the Greeks and for the Romans.

This symbolizes the attitude of the masculine, who has the force and the strength to fight. Such power, when guided by high principles, fights for justice and defends the oppressed. However on the other hand when driven by chaos, it generates the death and destruction of all. Clearly for those considered weak and different. The masculine is a force that expresses itself and sees reality through rational, logical thought.

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