9 Gemini Man Traits And Typical Behavior

gemini man traits

Gemini Man Traits

The strong influence of the planet Mercury gives the sign of Gemini man its peculiar character. Gemini man is very active at any intellectual level. He seems to always look for something that he may be interesting, something to keep him occupied. Usually, the most exciting things can be found at work or when he’s traveling. Gemini man is good at convincing others with his penetrative look and beautiful speeches. He has rare skills of communication and uses it to gain the attention of his audience especially if he wants to make an agreement. He loves to test the mind of those in front of him.

  • Can easily walk away from troubles
  • Can do two things at once
  • Doesn’t like doing the same job for too long
  • Likes chatting and making new friends
  • Being social is important to stay in touch with friends
  • Uses intelligence to get the audience’s attention

Gemini Man Requests In Partner

Many of Gemini man traits focus on love. He has the habit of making of wanting more in his life. On an emotional level, the sign of Gemini man will change partners until he can find a partner intellectually developed to match his intelligence. Once Gemini man has found the right partner, he will prove to be a devoted lover and attentive to the partner’s needs. Gemini man lives every loving relationship with extreme passion. He is always looking for a partner who can stimulate him intellectually and who does not bore him.

Wants Others Attention

Gemini man loves to be at the center of attention and especially loves to show off his intellectual talents. Partners who are too jealous will be tested by a provocative lover, who often abandons them with an enigmatic attitude. Gemini man will do this with the intention of verifying the strength and stability of his partners. After a hard day’s work, Gemini man will have countless stories to tell his partner, always with fascinating passion.

  • Tends to have long arms and legs
  • Manages to maintain a fit body shape
  • Prefers to eat healthily
  • Has a flexible body
  • Not in the same place twice

Always Has An Active Life

Gemini man is always very active on a mental level, he like to laugh, play, joke or party. Only those who can amaze Gemini under the intellectual profile can win Gemini’s heart. Given the second nature that characterizes them, Gemini always manages to take into account the different aspects of a situation. Always ready to listen and to help those in difficulty.

Their good spirit allows them to understand the various problems better, and, consequently, to find the right solutions, representing a fundamental help for the partner and for all those around him. Gemini is intelligent and is capable of dealing with a difficult situation. Gemini has a talent of calculating multiple moves ahead as Mercury powers them with intelligence.

A Typical Lover

Gemini man is used to difficult relationships but cannot tolerate that someone else does not consider him. He loves to conquer tough women, preferably those who like a bit of fun, being curious and who prefer complex conversation then Gemini man is able to revive with his presence all evening. Gemini man also is very curious. He gets easily bored and has a boundless need for confirmation.

If anyone falls in love with a Gemini man with such a split (Twin) personality, the partner must keep the center of gravity steady, and be as strong as a Capricorn, old on firm their positions like a bull, packed with self-esteem like an Aries or a Lion and be protective as a Cancer. Gemini man is skilled at reinventing and making up stories to avoid offending him publicly is to play along.

  • He can easily make friends
  • He’s very convincing
  • Doesn’t like taking advice, but wants to learn from others
  • He’s good at making deals
  • He can be nervous when left alone

Love Can Be Found

Gemini loves independent women because they want to be left alone. Who better than the Aquarius woman? Love snaps immediately. Because Aquarius aren’t only free but have that touch of madness and heresy, which attracts Gemini man. The attraction is strong, but the problem that could take over is the excess of autonomy in the relationship. Anyhow, sooner or later, one or the other will forgets about each other.

Gemini man will find a strong mutual understanding with the Libra woman because they are very feminine, elegant and very balanced, but Libra’s uncertainties will work against the relationship. And with the woman of same sign is like throwing a coin. Gemini man will try to make the relationship work, but it will be more like a lottery. There could be too much electricity while they’re together.

Love me, Love me not

Good understanding both with the Aries woman and with Leo woman, even if in the end the egoism risks to reach expected levels, spoiling the relationship. And sooner or later one of the two leaves heartbroken. Their best bet to couple with is with their opposite sign, the Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius woman could be the only one that can silence the debate insanity of Gemini.

At first, the two will not stand each other. He will be the smooth criminal instead she will behave carelessly sporty. Out of all the woman in the zodiac, Sagittarius woman is the only one who knows how to moderate Gemini’s euphoric excess. Strangely that will motivate him, inspire him, and could affect him positively in many other areas of life. She will be the pioneer of travels and destinations that will have an important healing value for him.

    • He is usually tall
    • Likes to show off when in the best shape
    • His body can be of any body shape, but he is typically slim
    • Has muscular body even in later years
    • Will always try to be active

Not The Perfect Partnership Match

The Virgin woman and The Pisces woman aren’t the advised candidates for partnership. Too much mental disorder for both, too emotional chaos to manage. The Virgo woman needs security from Gemini man, and Pisces woman get irritated by the doubtfulness of Gemini man, perhaps because, as in a game of mirrors, they recognize their difficult dynamics.

Both, however, risk a nervous breakdown. The Cancer woman deserves special attention and frequently. Even the Scorpio woman may not be the best person to couple with as she has a knife (very sharp) on the one hand and flowers on the other. With her eroticism and her vision Gemini man probably could perfectly manage her perpetual adolescence which she regularly exposes.

Gemini’s Man Physical Appearance

When looking at a Gemini anyone will see a person young at heart (sometimes in mind also) and physically active. Gemini is generally tall, with long legs and arms. His neck is somehow long. In the early years of age (before 40), Gemini is very active, and he will keep his body in good shape, also he will tend to have a good health regime. In the later years (after 40) he may start slowing down on activities and gain some weight. Gemini eyes are wide and look penetrative, which can also be noticed when having a face to face conversation.

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