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Gemini Health Issues

The sign of Gemini traditionally link to communications and consequently to the organs referring to them like shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs. Gemini’s muscular body is often modest and remarkably resistance. Gemini’s nervous system often makes them capricious and unstable.

There is no way to impose a rhythm that does not correspond to him. Gemini is subject to mood swing that varies from day to day. The mood swing doesn’t change only their general behavior but also their appetite, daily activity, and their relaxation regime.

What’s Gemini’s Daily Life Like?

The daily life of the Gemini is often disturbed by allergies, rashes, pains in the chest, shoulders, and arms. Sometimes he gets affected by acute respiratory diseases. The sudden climatic changes, in particular, like the intense cold and the strong wind or the extreme heat can negatively impact his respiratory system. His liver function can also slow down due to these climate changes.

Needs To Avoid Stress

To prevent nervousness, Gemini should avoid stresses, worries, physical and mental anxieties. The diet of Gemini must be as light and moderate as possible. Those born under this sign are not attracted to heavy, seasoned and spicy foods. These foods are harmful to his proper hepatic digestive functioning.

Types Of Sickness

Illnesses that effect Geminis mostly are flu, cold or bronchitis. Typically problems are known to be directly from the chest. Gemini doesn’t really seem to complain about anything. However, Gemini should try to fight these illnesses either way. The best ideas, to fights any type of disease, are to get some fresh air. Outdoor walking is also highly recommended. Natural or home-make, remedies will be preferred instead of traditional medication.

Relaxation Helps

Resting in bed waiting to recover from any type of illness is also a great alternative. In fact, in case Gemini fails to discharge his tension, he will end up into anxiety and depression. The truth in himself sounds strange perhaps because the Gemini that we all know often tends to wear a real actor mask to play down life with irony to the point that it is almost impossible to see him sad. In reality, however, in his heart, it is not quite as cheerful as it is shown to others.

Natural Remedies For Gemini Health

The first precious advice for the Sign of Gemini is not to smoke, considering that the weak point of the sign is the bronchial and lungs. However, for the same reasons, it would be better to avoid exposure to cold and drafts, especially during the winter season. To guarantee a good state of health, it is also crucial that Gemini learns to feed more healthily.

Must Have An Healthy Diet

Gemini must avoid eating only junk food. Also, Gemini must acquire the habit to chew slowly rather than gobble food in a nanosecond. In fact, given his high propensity to social life, often his diet consists exclusively of snacks, fast food. Gemini must choose a sport and learn how to practice it consistently. Moreover, even the most bored Gemini on the planet with this sport will receive the right benefits.

Diseases and Predispositions of Gemini

As mentioned Colds and bronchitis are disorders of which Gemini falls victim very frequently. If Gemini is a heavy smoker, then the cough could become chronic. Even asthma and in most cases pneumonia are disorders that affect Gemini health very seriously. Gemini’s bronchi appear to be their real Achilles heel. Also, their hands and arms are another weakness of Gemini. Gemini often suffers from tendinitis, especially if he exercises a profession when forced to strain or overuse his wrists.

In the same way, also because of his active lifestyle, he often exposes himself to the wrist or arm fractures. He moves very quickly and has a speed of unparalleled reflexes. He is unable to stand still to control his anxiety, so he ends up wasting a lot of energy. In case this happens he has to find a way to relax or get emotional support from loved ones.

The Relationship of Gemini With The Disease

Generally, the Gemini is not the type of person who worries too much for his health. Usually, Gemini takes life lightly. He is not a freak of clinical tests and controls. Indeed, in most cases, he tends to neglect and to take lightly even the more obvious and more severe symptoms. When he gets sick, almost naively, he would like the magic wand to get back into shape immediately since he does not want to be without doing anything and the idea of wasting time makes him nervous.

Typically, he follows the therapy discontinuously and sometimes increases the recommended doses to his liking, naively believing to accelerate, in this way, the healing times. His stubborn desire to heal and his boundless love for life, however, are excellent elements that ensure that even in the most serious cases Gemini always sparks.

Gemini’s Lifestyle

Typical Gemini health remains connected with his lifestyle activity. The more active he is, the better the health he will have. Gemini should try to keep an excellent lifestyle for a healthier body. Also, Gemini must keep their body in good shape to avoid several types of illnesses. Lots of outdoor activities can help Gemini from getting fat. Otherwise, Gemini would suffer from overweight when they grow older. Stress, anxiety and nervous can also effect Geminis health if their emotional feelings or lifestyle changes.

Can Get Easily Bored

The trouble is that Gemini gets easily bored. That is why Gemini has many different interests in life. He likes to try out different things here and there, and in different areas without ever really deepening on anyone. So it often happens that his interests remain at a very superficial level. Gemini is keen to learn new things regarding life and society in general. He does this to keep their mind active and avoid emptiness or boredom. Dominated by Mercury, the planet of intelligence, communication, versatility and curiosity, the Gemini is always lively and unable to stay still.

Interests In Life

In general all Gemini are very inclined to the written or spoken word. They are curious and interested in seeking and disseminating information. Whether they succeed effectively or not depends on the overall context. Among the Gemini we can find the sophisticated writer, the witty intellectual, the highly effective commercial, the university professor who makes students lean from his lips, the ironic comedian or the presenter brilliant as well as the superficial and gossiping door, the weary and nosy neighbor, or the boy who passes from one interest to another without delving into anything.

Free Time Activities

Gemini loves practicing various activities to maintain a healthy body. Usually, Gemini likes having different activities with friends somewhat alone. Gemini tends to keep a busy life and avoid monotony. He is full of life and has interests in many areas of life. Also, Gemini likes to follow up with the leading online social media and spend lots of time chatting with friends or family.

Other amusing activities which Gemini prefer doing more often are traveling abroad, short trips, extreme sports, going to live outdoor concerts and shopping. Any place is acceptable as long as it relaxes them. Gemini doesn’t mind going for short journeys with friends or family members. Gemini isn’t too much into sports. However, Gemini would prefer to play polo, horse racing, tennis, archery, golf, swimming, hiking, beach volley, ample water sports, etc.


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