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Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius friendship

Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship Effects

When Cancer and Sagittarius create a friendship, they both need to do a little test at the union. However, each friend has much to offer to the other. While Sagittarius is a thrill seeker who enjoys tackling the risk of trying adrenaline rushes, Cancer finds great satisfaction in security. Cancer wants more than the promise of friendship that Sagittarius wants to offer. Over time, Sagittarius will learn to appreciate the strong emotional support that Cancer offers.

The best aspect of the Cancer and Sagittarius friendship is the security which they can offer to each other (once Cancer gives Sagittarius the freedom to offer that security independently). They are wonderful companions, once they have learned to look at the world through the different gaze of the other and open themselves to each other. Until they communicate and celebrate their differences, theirs will be a stable and happy friendship.

Can These Two Signs Get On Together?

On the horizon, this couple seems to have some chance of success. Both will try to give up expressing their natural inclinations in their fullness. Surely, Cancer cannot expect from Sagittarius the total dedication he/she would need. This is because the nature of Sagittarius does not allow him/her to shut off within the four walls of a house as Cancer may do. Hence, Sagittarius will not be able to share his passion for travel and new adventures.

Generally, the relationship takes on a somewhat bizarre form, for which the inexhaustible activism of Sagittarius seems to give them a sort of apparent dominance. In contrary, if we dig a little deeper we will realize that in reality, it’s Cancer of which the Sagittarius, at a certain point and without knowing why, is found to have a desperate need, the central figure of the couple.

Approaches In Life

Moreover, Cancer and Sagittarius friendship seems to have several different approaches to life. Cancer is more emotional and traditional, while Sagittarius is experimental and restless. Sometimes, it can be hard for Sagittarius to accept the waves of the emotional side of Cancer. Whereas, it must be difficult for Cancer to accept Sagittarius’s anxiety and search for external activities.

Cancer can offer Sagittarius a secure base and keep their dreams and ambitions on the road. Sagittarius can help Cancer add diversity to their lives and teach them to appreciate the excitement that can come from daring.

The Planetary Effects

Cancer is ruled by the Moon whereas Sagittarius received influence from Jupiter. The Moon represents love, nourishment, and maternal instinct. The Moon in Cancer is in its home, and here it expresses its maternal and nutritious qualities to the maximum. People with this moon are oriented towards traditional values such as family, home, children and friendship most of all.

On the other hand, we have Sagittarius who is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter helps Sagittarius focus on expansion, optimism, luck, and travel. Together with this combination of growth and expansion, feminine and masculine energy the two will admire and support each other. When they share a goal or an interest, these two reach whatever their mind prospects.

Cancer is a sign of Water, the Sagittarius of Fire.

Sagittarius wants the freedom to do whatever comes in their mind. Above all, Sagittarius seeks an adventurous life while Cancer seeks emotional security and stability. Sagittarius actively pursues his ideas and fight to see those ideas accomplished. Whereas Cancer is more emotional in approaching goals. Cancer as a member of Water Signs is always on the reach for something.

Sometimes, Cancer lucks the skills to find what they need, therefore, his friend Sagittarius comes in to help Cancer find what he/she may need. Although these friends may find it difficult to understand where the other comes from, their approach can be exciting and mutually beneficial. They will not always see things the same way. Until they value their friendship, their conflicts will be resolved.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, Sagittarius is Mutable Sign.

Being a Cardinal Sign means that Cancer has to stand on top of his friendship. Cancer and Sagittarius friendship can rise to higher levels if both signs leave aside their differences. Sagittarius likes to jump from one thing to another according to their feelings, while Cancer is the instigator of new plans. Cancer needs to give Sagittarius the freedom to explore their spaces and interests. Cancer can make use of Sagittarius’s ideas, even if it has lost interest. Sagittarius can teach that breadth of views is sometimes better than an inflexible determination.

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